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Along with hydraulic and diesel-driven equipment, Mar- key has devoted two decades designing and manufacturing marine winches utilizing highly-ef? cient electric Variable

Frequency Drive systems, particularly for applications re- quiring high-response active heave compensation and line control. Class I “Basic” Hawser Winches feature moderate

M M C , I .ARKEY ACHINERY OMPANY NC pull, high speed, high hold capacity static brakes, true free-

Scott Kreis / VP of Sales wheel and hawser tension monitoring, allowing operators 7266 8th Ave South, Seattle, WA 98108

Tel: (206) 622-4697 to work more effectively. Class II Markey “Render/Recover”


Winches include Markey-pioneered automatic tension line


CEO/President: Blaine Dempke control for tethered operations. Class “II+” Hawser Winches integrate electric motors, multi-disc clutches, and high hold


Founded in 1907, Markey Machinery is recognized for dynamic slip brakes for ? ngertip control of the winch. Class

III “ARR” Hawser Winches are ultra-high performance soft providing reliable advanced equipment for workboat, scien- ti? c and dockside applications. Included in the product mix line winches for indirect towing in extreme sea ways. are towing, ship-assist, and escort winches, as well as single, multi-drum and traction-style deep sea research winches, THE CASE: capstans, anchor windlasses and other high performance Markey Machinery has developed marine winches utiliz- machines. Markey deck machinery has long been known ing highly-ef? cient electric Variable Frequency Drive tech- for robust design and manufacture, and Markey equipment nology for over two decades, particularly for applications continues to be “cross-decked” from one retiring vessel to requiring high-response active heave compensation and line the replacement, still fully functional. Modern design capa- control. Markey Render/Recover and Markey Asymmetric bilities and materials have allowed our engineers to reduce Render/Recover winches are considered the “Best Available overall size and mass without sacri? cing those qualities. Technology” for this application and are used worldwide.


Moose Boats builds the highest-quality aluminum cata- maran and monohull vessels in the industry. These boats are designed to meet a variety of mission-speci? c applica- tions for military, law enforcement, emergency response, ? re ? ghting and security patrol purposes. Moose Boats is currently building an M1 patrol boat for the New York

City Police Department, an M2 ? re boat for Newport, RI, and a M2 ? re rescue boat for Memphis, TN. And Moose will soon be laying the keel for a 75’ catamaran crew boat for Westar Marine Services in San Francisco.


THE CASE: 1175 Nimitz Ave., Suite 115

Vallejo, CA 94592

In 2016 Moose Boats moved to Vallejo, CA, on the site

Tel: (707) 778-9828 of the old Mare Island Naval Shipyard. With expanded


Website: facilities and easy access to deep water, Moose Boats has

CEO/President: Christian Lind expanded its capabilities and are now under contract to build a 75’ catamaran crew boat, their biggest undertaking poses. Widely known for their durability, sensible design, to date. Moose Boats builds the highest quality aluminum and unparalleled attention to detail, Moose Boats are sim- catamarans in the industry. These boats are designed to ply the ? nest aluminum boats on the market. Each boat is custom built to the needs of the customer, with every meet a variety of mission speci? c applications for law en- detail geared towards the boat’s ? nal mission. forcement, emergency response, and security patrol pur- 77 MN

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