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1750 Green Siding Road

Roseburg, OR 97471

Telephone: (541) 673-2438



CEO/President: Brent Hutchings

THE COMPANY: Transport boats for many customers both nationally and

North River Boats, an employee owned company, has internationally. North River’s most popular and diverse been building heavy gauge aluminum boats since 1974. The model is the North River Sounder. The company has built company is located in Roseburg, OR and is one of the only thousands of these boats over the past 25 years with some boat builders with a complete line of recreational products as of the ? rst models still in operation today.

well as commercial / government output. Recreational boats At home and abroad, North River has been busy in the are sold through an independent dealer network and com- past year. They recently delivered a 58’ Crew Transfer Ves- prise approximately 250 boats annually. Commercial / gov- sel to the Trinidad Pilots Association in Trinidad & To- ernment boats are sold direct through the factory and com- bago. This was a keel up design with many features based prise approximately 65 boats annually. Today, the ? rm has off of their last 52’ Crew Transfer Vessel which delivered a substantial backlog with deliveries currently booking well in 2015. This boat was powered with twin Scania Di16 into 2018. North River Boats is well known for building 800 hp marine diesel engines with Hamilton HJ403 jets. one-off, high quality, custom aluminum boats. Their goal is It holds 24 passengers with 3 crew and runs approximately to work directly with end users to ensure that they are pro- 37 knots fully loaded. This was the 13th boat that North viding the best boat to meet each customer’s requirements. River has delivered to the Trinidad Pilots Association. Be- yond this, North River was also awarded a 5-year BPA to

PRIMARY PRODUCT / SERVICE: provide the U.S. Navy up to 8 Surface Force Assistance

North River Boats offers many different commercial Craft – Large boats. Separately, the ? rm is introducing a hull designs, including the Valor & Liberty models which new model this year, a 32’ Bristol Bay Gillnetter. North are popular for law enforcement and military applications. River has teamed with legendary Bristol Bay boat maker,

North River also offers the U.S. Navy FP Large purpose- Dick Smitha, to provide the best gillnetter design on the built boat as well as other similar craft built to exact market. North River will offer two propulsion options and speci? cations by various law enforcement and military three cabin designs. All boats will include the latest refrig- customers. Another popular model is North River’s Fire erated RSW systems to meet the new requirements starting

Boat. The company offers several versions of Fire Boats, in 2018. We anticipate building up to 5 of these per year.

including the Sounder hull design. These boats are gener- ally twin outboard propulsion with pumping capabilities THE CASE: of 500 GPM up to 2000 GPM. Others include twin diesel North River Boats is a manufacturer of heavy gauge alu- jets with pumping capabilities of 2100 GPM up to 3000 minum boats ranging in length from 17’ to 60’. With over

GPM. North River’s newest model is the Freedom series 130 employees, North River builds approximately 315 which will be a small landing craft style work boat with boats annually. North River serves diverse markets includ- twin engines and pumping capabilities of 500 GPM up ing: Commercial, Domestic, Government, Military, Inter- to 2000 GPM. North River Boats builds Pilot and Crew national and Recreational.

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