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West Kentucky Community XL Catlin

Technical College 4810 Alben Barkley Drive Two Harbor Point

Paducah, KY 42001 Stamford, CT 0690

Tel: (212) 915-6753

Tel: (270) 534-3895





CEO/President: Michael McGavick

CEO/President: Dr. Anton Reece

THE SCHOOL: THE COMPANY: West Kentucky Community and Technical College is a XL Catlin specializes in Property and Casualty (non-

SACSCOC accredited college with an annual enrollment Life) insurance and reinsurance. From large corporations to of more than 6,500 traditional and more than 2,000 specialized businesses, XL Group can serve clients in more online, long distance students that has received the As- than 215 countries. You’ll ? nd the same qualities in all XL pen Prize for Community College Excellence Award four Catlin of? ces: underwriting excellence, prompt service and times. The College offers an online Associate in Applied transparent pricing. XL Catlin has a broad international

Science degree in Marine Technology and in Logistics and mix with a consistent global approach. Its companies have

Operation Managements. Industry certi? cates are also strong relationships with the world’s leading global, re- available in four tracks. They are Marine Culinary Man- gional and independent brokers. The ? rm is also one of the agement, Marine Engineering, Marine Logistics Opera- world’s leading reinsurers. From Aerospace to Marine, XL tions, and Wheelhouse Management. Catlin’s capabilities help insurers move the world forward.


WKCTC’s Marine Technology and Logistics programs XL Catlin understands the marine business. It’s special- are designed to be taught in an innovative environment. ized. And there are risks that are unique to the industry.

This provides opportunities to working adults who Safe transport, precise handling and storage are just a few haven’t the ability or time to juggle job, family, and trips of them. The ? rm combines local expertise, industry in- to a traditional campus classroom-the classic de? nition of sights and personalized service to create Marine insurance today’s inland mariner. A new satellite location houses the solutions that are based on each client’s needs. Coverage “Inland Logistics and Marine Institute” for the Marine include Ocean Cargo; Blue Water Hull; Brown Water;

Technology and Logistics programs. Hull/P&I; Marine Liability; and Inland Marine.

August 2017

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