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tors who will need to install ballast water treatment systems,

Victaulic connections ease the complications of pumproom

VICTAULIC 4901 Kesslersville Road installations with 360o rotating ? anges and the elimination

Easton, PA 18040 of hotwork in a CapEx item which can cost as much as 1.5

Tel: (610) 597-7964

Email: million per vessel. Shipyards that have used grooved cou-

Website: plings in place of ? anges on selected systems have recorded

CEO/President: John Malloy weight savings of 12 tons on OSV tonnage. The bene? ts of grooved technology can translate into more deadweight ca- pacity, additional passenger load and/or less fuel consump- tion. It goes without saying that lighter assemblies are easier handle during installation and/or maintenance.


Victaulic is the originator and has been the world’s leading producer of mechanical pipe-joining solutions since 1919. THE CASE:

In the maritime industry, Victaulic grooved piping products Victaulic products are Type Approved by IACS mem- are used on a wide range of vessels, including tugs and work- bers and USCG recognized. Victaulic does not require hot boats. Victaulic systems offer a number of advantages for work permits. Grooved mechanical systems reduce instal- newbuilds, retro? t and repair services, as they reduce system lation time required for piping projects by a minimum of downtime and time out of service. Grooved systems reduce 30 percent. These valve assemblies are 58 percent lighter, time in dry dock, eliminate the need for marine chemists or with a smaller pro? le than ? anged components and allow ? re watches and, unlike ? anged systems, only have 4 nuts 360 degrees of rotation. This makes installation and main- and bolts to assemble. Of interest to those workboat opera- tenance in tight spaces quick and easy.


Viega started in Germany in 1899, founded by Franz-

Anselm Viegener, who created an innovative new design for a brass beer tap. By 1901, the Viega German company began to manufacture home plumbing products, growing and expanding internationally as the authority in press technology during the last century. In 1999, through the purchase of an interest in a U.S. company, Viega ex- panded its product offering to North America. Today, the innovative products of the Viega group of companies are

V , LLCIEGA produced at six international locations and distributed 12303 Airport Way, Suite 395 worldwide. Viega LLC, a privately held subsidiary, is the

Broom? eld, CO 80021 (800) 976-9819 expert in the manufacture and distribution of plumbing,

Email: heating and pipe joining systems for customers in ship-


CEO/President: Dave Garlow building, industrial, commercial and plumbing markets throughout North America. Viega LLC offers more than 3,000 products in North America. Viega ProPress, Viega THE CASE:

MegaPress and Viega SeaPress can be used in a variety of Only Viega offers press ? tting systems in multiple ma- applications from potable water to fuel to ? re mains. The terials such as Viega MegaPress for black iron, Viega Pro-

Viega MegaPress and MegaPressG system recently received Press for copper and stainless and Viega SeaPress for cop- approvals from the American Bureau of Shipping and the per-nickel. With the widest range of options and maritime

United States Coast Guard that enables them to be speci- industry approvals, Viega can be installed in many applica- ? ed throughout the entire vessel. tions including potable water, fuel and ? re sprinklers.

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