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The Pro? range of air hoists from trial applications in hazardous areas

J D Neuhaus are available in lift ca- and in continuous working process- pacities from 250kg up to 100t. Ideal es. Insensitive to dust, humidity and for use where safe lifting is a prior- temperatures ranging from -20°C up ity, these robust hoists offer a 100% to +70°C, the hoists offer easy lube- duty rating with explosion protection free operation with various control as standard, suitable for tough indus- systems available.


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Markey has focused on integrat- two decades, particularly for applica- metric Render/Recover winches are ing high-ef? ciency AC electric vari- tions requiring high-response active considered the “Best Available Tech- able frequency drive (VFD) technol- heave compensation and line control. nology” for this application and are ogy into deck machinery for over Markey’s Render/Recover and Asym- used worldwide.


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From the design of barge accessories in 1902 and developed its ? rst piece of and deck ? ttings to a day-to-day com- ? oating equipment for the U.S. Corps mitment to customer service, Nabrico is of Engineers in 1915. Today, Nabrico is one of the most highly respected names a major supplier of marine deck hard- in the water transportation industry. ware for river systems and the offshore

The company started building bridges industry around the world. 51 MN

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