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CAT Celebrates First

North American

Complete Tug Solution

Caterpillar is celebrating the ? rst vessel in North America to feature a complete Cat Marine propul- sion system with both Cat power

GPLink, Wheelhouse Partner and Cat azimuth drives. Owned by

Torqeedo Brings New Battery for Real-Time Diagnostics

Seattle-based Harley Marine Ser-

Technology to Workboats gplink has partnered with Wheel- vices, this tug is equipped with two

Torqeedo’s battery technology avail- house Technologies, creating a 3516C marine propulsion engines, able for boats by offering BMW i comprehensive perspective on ves- each delivering 2675 hp (1995 kW) high-capacity batteries via a recently sel upkeep through seamless inte- to a pair of MTA 524-T azimuth signed supplier agreement. Boats gration to the Wheelhouse marine thrusters speci? cally designed for equipped with BMW i batteries maintenance system. With the reli- high performance tug applications. are already in operation, including ability and breadth of information commercial marine applications, captured by the gplink system and such as water taxis. The BMW i3 the robust infrastructure of Wheel- battery has been adapted to work house’s Marine Maintenance Sys- ? awlessly with Deep Blue, Torqee- tems, commercial ? eets now have do’s most powerful solution for in- seamless access to the most com- board, outboard and hybrid systems prehensive remote monitoring and up to 160 HP.

tracking system available.

Laborde’s Vapor Power

Heater Service

Laborde Products offers complete

Vapor Heater service and support for the marine industry through- out the United States. This includes cook offs, USCG inspections, clean- ings and repairs. Vapor Power’s Hi-

Victor Plus Series Torch 3M’s Center for Hearing

R-Temp thermal ? uid heaters offer


The Victor Plus Torch, a heavy-du- marine customers lower capital in- 3M Personal Safety Division has ty, high-capacity combination torch, vestment, a smaller, customizable launched a new online resource, features the new CA 2460+ cutting foot print to save deck space, greater the 3M Center for Hearing Con- attachment and WH 315FC+ han- fuel economy, and quicker heat servation. Safety managers can ? nd dle. The WH 315FC+ handle incor- up times. Vapor Power heaters are articles and details about hearing porates built-in ? ashback arrestors

ASME, ABS, and USCG approved. loss prevention programs, as well as and reverse ? ow check valves, but helpful videos, toolkits, and more. enables higher gas ? ow capacity. The

Created by 3M audiologists and cutting attachment features a con- occupational health and safety spe- toured cutting oxygen lever for bet- cialists, the 3M Center for Hearing ter ergonomics. The torch head uses

Conservation can help companies thicker brass to improve abrasion re- to ensure that legal requirements are sistance. The new design simpli? es met and workers remain engaged. repair and improves reliability. 59 MN

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