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Salvage & Spill Response

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T&T Salvage Elastec JAX LNG, LLC tiate themselves demonstrating excel- ship-to-ship LNG bunkering opera- up more than 35 percent, while dry lent standards of quality and envi- tions with TOTE Maritime’s Marlin bulk tonnage has increased 15.5 per- ronmental performance. The Green Class ships and the LNG barge, Clean cent. Salt shipments are 42 percent

Award certi? cate is an indicator of Jacksonville. The ship-to-ship LNG above 2016 totals. Iron ore, salt and successfully implemented enhanced bunkering operation will commence general cargo shipments through the technologies and commitment to early in 2018. JAX LNG, LLC is a Great Lakes and Seaway have been continuous improvement. joint venture between Pivotal LNG strong throughout the 2017 shipping and Northstar Midstream. Expected season and continue to lead the way.

Elastec’s American Marine Divi- to be operational by end of 2017, sion Marks 50 Years of Service MARAD Activates SMA Training

JAX LNG’s state-of-the-art water-

Ships for Hurricane Response

It was 1967 when the late Jim Pearce, front LNG facility in Jacksonville will a decorated World War II U.S. ? ghter be out? tted with a marine dock and The U.S. Department of Transpor- ace-turned-test pilot, formed a new truck loading capability. Operated by tation Maritime Administration company to help control water pol- Pivotal LNG, the facility’s initial daily (MARAD) has activated two Nation- lution - American Marine. An early liquefaction capacity will be 120,000 al Defense Reserve Fleet vessels for a innovator in the development of oil gallons of LNG per day and the facil- FEMA mission to support relief ef- containment booms, ? re booms and ity will have 2 million gallons of stor- forts in Texas. The State University of turbidity curtains, Jim’s ? rm was even- age capacity. New York Maritime College’s training tually acquired by Elastec, the Carmi, ship, EMPIRE STATE VI, and the

Ill-based manufacturer of oil spill re- Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s

Great Lakes Traf? c, Seaways covery equipment, and the inventor training ship, KENNEDY, received

Volume Both Up Sharply of the oleophilic drum oil skimmer. U.S.-? ag Great Lakes freighters moved orders to proceed to the gulf coast

Fifty years after American Marine was 10.1 million tons of cargo in August, of Texas. MARAD also activated the formed, it remains an integral part of an increase of 7 percent compared to Texas Maritime Academy’s training the Elastec mission of providing an a year ago. August’s shipments also vessel GENERAL RUDDER. Com- array of ? oating containment booms, bettered the month’s long-term aver- bined, these three vessels can house trash and debris barriers, turbidity age by approximately 60,000 tons. over 1,200 workers thereby freeing up curtains, oil skimmer systems, work Year-over-year U.S.-? ag cargos total local hotel resources for displaced in- boats, portable incinerators and vacu- 50.4 million tons, an increase of 1.3 dividuals. Notably, these vessels have um equipment in use in 155 countries. percent over the same point in 2016. been activated in support of past relief

Separately Iron ore, dry bulk cargo operations with the most recent acti-

JAX LNG Gets USCG Nod for and general cargo shipments also re- vation for Superstorm Sandy in 2012.

Waterfront Bunkering main strong on the St. Lawrence Sea- But, these SMA training ships are get-

JAX LNG, LLC achieved a major way. The St. Lawrence Seaway Man- ting old. The oldest one was originally milestone by receiving a Letter of agement Corporation reported that built as a cargo ship in the early 1960’s

Acceptance (LOA) from the United overall tonnage up 13 percent over last and has outdated steam propulsion.

States Coast Guard (USCG) for the year. Meanwhile, general cargo ship- As such, Herbert Engineering Corp operation of their waterfront LNG ments (including specialty steel and (HEC) was contracted by MARAD facility and the approval to conduct project cargo) through the Seaway are to design a new class of training ships,

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