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Michael D. Emerson, Edward J. Kelly, Brian Vahey,

Director, Marine Transportation Executive Director of the Maritime Senior Manager, Atlantic Region,

Systems (MTS) Association of the Port of NY/NJ American Waterways Operators set of concerns take priority over another? other vessels or energy structures, a calamitous prospect for

Edward J. Kelly is Executive Director of the Maritime any vessel but one with particularly ruinous overtones for

Association of the Port of NY/NJ. Kelly cites many Call an accident involving oil shipments. Mariners could try to

Area issues needing close attention. Kelly asks BOEM to avoid restricted spaces by operating further offshore, again, make the safety of marine navigation “the overriding factor though, that presents consequences.

when considering offshore development.” Kelly cites another concern likely not too familiar to

Kelly refers to what he calls “funneling,” compressing the general public. He notes that many of the proposed vessel traf

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