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suf? cient spatial separation and coordination, wind en- ergy projects threaten submarine cables with direct physi- cal disturbance and impaired access to submarine cables both at the surface (for cable ships) and on the sea? oor (for cables).”

Meanwhile, Rutgers University, since 1992, has oper- ated the Rutgers Center for Ocean Observing Leadership (RUCOOL) focusing on “understanding the interactions between physics, chemistry, and biology in the world’s ocean and the corresponding impact on human society.”

The Center presents analysis on a number of Call Area is- sues, from projected wind speeds to ? sheries.

Rutgers’ expansive comments touch upon many things, including the domino-like line-up of issues characteriz- ing the start-up of a new industry. “The High Frequency (HF) Radar Network operated in the Mid Atlantic, uti- lized by the US Coast Guard (USCG) for search and res- cue and by NOAA for oil spill response, will be impacted by the deployment of offshore structures. These impacts can be mitigated with real-time information on the tur- bine movement.”

Over the Horizon, but on the Radar

Next steps for BOEM, according to a spokesperson, include staying in touch with affected states and stake- holders to identify potential offshore wind development sites. BOEM is analyzing the comments and nominations that submitted in response to the Call. This Fall, BOEM will hold public meetings with affected stakeholders to discuss the feedback received and the analysis as it stands at that time.

At a time when offshore wind ? nally seems ready to ? ourish on this side of the pond – decades after it has been proven at least operationally feasible offshore Eu- rope – it is also clear that the regulatory process that would allow it to happen will be no less onerous than that which has historically dogged the oil industry. It might just prove to be harder.

Tom Ewing is a freelance writer specializing in energy and environmental issues.

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