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When Operators and service pro-

Richard Paine is a licensed mariner, fessionals gather as they do at the certi? ed TSMS & AWO-RCP Lead

Green Apple Spill Response Exercise

Auditor and DPA with over 20 years and other similar events, they not of maritime and auditing experience watch in the midst of a spirited conver- only test their emergency protocols ranging from deep sea, tugs & towing, sation with his home. The Captain be- and passenger vessels. He is an for meeting regulatory requirements, came distracted and veered off course they also follow the “5 Ps of Success” alumnus of SUNY Maritime College in both undergraduate and graduate entering the Narrows into New York mantra: Proper Planning Prevents studies. A member of PVA’s Safety &

Harbor, ultimately hitting the north-

Poor Performance.

Security Committee, he is currently bound Verrazano-Narrows bridge. The

The Green Apple Spill Response is the Regional Director, HSSQE for tug’s hull was breached and released Exercise takes place annually in the

Hornblower’s NYC Ferry & Statue 91,000 gallons of Diesel fuel into New tri-state New York/New Jersey/Con-

Cruises operations. Richard can be reached at

York Harbor, impeding commerce and necticut area and is tentatively next impacting natural resources. scheduled for September 27, 2019.

The scenario provided a worst-case discharge for not only the participat- ing operators, but also for many of other Operators transiting through

New York Harbor. This type of sce- nario drives home greater collabo- ration of response and recovery ef- forts, while providing operators with a greater scope of resources available and needed in the Harbor.

The Exercise also generated dia- logue surrounding new technologies and their effectiveness. Such topics included the use of drones to monitor spreading of oil radius through video and temperature sensing technology, the reduction of waste oils through mi- crobial action, and advances in training through oil spill marine causality simu- lator programs such as the Kongsberg platform recently introduced. 23 MN

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