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Commercial vessel operators are increasingly leveraging high-tech sensors and the data they provide to achieve greater efficiency and better their bottom line. A condition-based monitoring system offered by Fincantieri Marine Systems N.A. (FMSNA) is engineered to contribute toward both objectives.

“FMSNA decided to develop and launch the SOLID because we wanted to help customers save money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance and repair costs,” said Simone Scafetti, technical director and business development manager at FMSNA. “A lot of preventative maintenance can be postponed or just eliminated.”

Combining a monitor, data logger, powerful analysis software and radio (LTE & SAT) in one compact unit, the SOLID system offers an integrated approach to data collection, communication, projections and analysis. Essentially, sensors measure the status of an operational piece of ship equipment over time, and the data collected can be used to establish trends, predict failure and calculate remaining life of the asset.

“Customers can use the SOLID to continuously monitor their equipment and automatically analyze the performance data to determine maintenance requirements,” Scafetti said. “It can save customers money through prevention of equipment damage/repair, elimination of unnecessary maintenance and reduction of downtime.”

SOLID interfaces with common digital communication protocols, allowing for connection with all existing vessel equipment, from the main engines, power generators and gear boxes, to HVAC systems, rudders and bilge pumps, and every mechanical system in between. It accepts numerous analog signals that are configurable to match most ship’s sensors.

Sold as a standalone device or as part of a services package, SOLID has been installed on several European ships and is being integrated on board a number of U.S. military vessels and U.S.-based cruise ships.

“SOLID can be treated as an investment. Customers can expect a ROI of approximately three times the expense of one SOLID,” according to Scafetti. “The SOLID system allows FMSNA to support our vast global presence by providing us access to equipment performance data. The data can be used to execute service agreements to monitor equipment performance and optimize maintenance activities.”

Marine News Magazine, page 38,  Jun 2021

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