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New Tool For Marine


The Chelsea Technologies Group has recently delivered a Nu-Shuttle system specifically configured for marine geology applications.

Working with Sequoia Scientific (Bellvue, WA) a redesigned compact version of the LISST 100x instru- ment has been installed in the Nu-

Shuttle undulating towed vehicle.

This is complimented with a Sontek

MiniADP, OBS3+ optical backscatter sensor and MINIpack CTD-fluo- rimeter package. The system will be towed behind a survey vessel enabling real time profile of suspended sedi- ments throughout the water column.

The standard LISST 100x, redesigned into two smaller pressure housings resulting in a more compact unit with better flow orientation, provides real time data on particle size distribution and volume concentra- tion. The Sontek ADP 1.5 MHz was selected due to its small, compact size and ability to provide water current data during the survey.

Call for Papers

Northeast Shore & Beach Preservation


Northeast Chapter of the International

Erosion Control Association

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole, Massachusetts

September 21-23, 2009

Prospective authors are invited to submit a two page, single-spaced abstract including figures to:

Dr. J. Richard Weggel, P.E.

Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering

Drexel University 3141 Chestnut Streets

Philadelphia, PA 19104

Abstracts are due by: May 15, 2009.

Notification of acceptance of abstracts will be mailed by June 12, 2009. Abstracts of accepted presenta- tions will be printed and distributed at the conference. Authors of accept- ed papers are required to present the paper and register for the conference.

No further paper will be required; however, presenters are encouraged to prepare a paper for submission to

Shore & Beach, the Journal of the

American Shore & Beach

Preservation Association. www.ieca- Marine Technology Reporter 53

COOEC Chooses New ROVs

In a major breakthrough into the Chinese oil and gas industry, Saab Seaeye has sold two Panther Plus electric work ROVs to China's largest off-shore engi- neering company, COOEC. It follows an earlier sale of a Panther Plus and represents an expanding capa- bility for COOEC who are part of China National


Of the two vehicles sold to the Chinese off-shore company, one will operate from a Tether Management

System, while the other is free-swimming. Technical support will come from Saab Seaeye's distributor in the region, Blue Whale Offshore Engineering

Technology Company.

The ROV can cut wire rope and soft line up to 1.5 inch (38mm). It can carry out visual operations with high quality video systems. Perform pre and post drilling site survey. Undertake guidance and orienta- tion for BOP and riser connection, depth and orien- tation of wellhead and BOP stack. It can also clean wellhead and bulls eyes, and change out AX wellhead gaskets.

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