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ROS Unveils New LED


Remote Ocean Systems (ROS) unveiled a new LED spotlight at this year's Underwater Intervention show in New Orleans. ROS' new MV-LED is innovative because it runs directly off of AC power. The dimmable MV-

LED can be connected to the exact same power supplies and dimming circuitry previously designed for halogen lamps. Combine that with the MV-LEDs variety of connector, wiring, and mounting options, and it's clear that the MV-LED is a true "drop-in" replacement for its halogen predecessors.

New Universal Camera


R. Brooks Associates added the new

B618-UCH Universal Camera Head to its line of specialty video cameras for industrial applications. Robust design and construction enables the

B618-UCH to operate in dry or wet environments at temperatures rang- ing from 32° to 120° F (0°to 49° C) and at submersed depths to 200 feet (61 m). The B618-UCH housing is made from anodized aluminum mak- ing it resistant to oxidation in salt water applications. This camera pro- vides full color video with 18X opti- cal and 4X digital zoom, 355° pan and +/-150° tilt capabilities for 100% visual coverage, and 70 watts of high intensity illumination. The B618-

UCH is easy to set up and operate with intuitive user controls and quick disconnect cables.

Electric Manipulator Arm

CSIP will launch what it reports to be the market's first five-Function

Electric Underwater Manipulator

Arm, ARM 5E, at Ocean Business stand H2. ARM 5E has a minimum lift capacity of 25kg and can be mounted in the same footprint as a conventional hydraulic arm but does not require the use of a skid, valve pack or hydraulic pump. This saves weight and allows greater vehicle maneuverability. Like hydraulic arms, the five-Function Electric Arm can be used for clearing debris, turn- ing values and cutting but has more incremental movement, allowing for greater accuracy and more precision in operation. ARM 5E uses a digital positioning feature to achieve accura- cy of 0.5mm and the computer con- trol electronics use position feedback to detect where the arm is at all times.

ARM 5E also features a learning function which stores the maneuvers performed by the arm and combines with a memory function for repeated actions.

ROV Buoyancy Packs

Balmoral Offshore Engineering, the

Aberdeen-based subsea polymer engi- neering specialist, has been working with the industry to create a new range of ROV buoyancy to meet con- tinuing deepwater demands. The company's latest composite is avail- able in five standard grades: The 415kg/m3 LD1500PF system is depth rated to 1500msw; LD2000PF is a 430kg/m3 system rated to 2000msw; LD3000PF is 470kg/m3 3000msw; LD5000PF is 510kg/m3 rated to 5000msw while the

LD7000PF at 540kg/m3 is rated for work to 7000msw. The improved low density materials allow for increased levels of uplift within a defined vol- ume. These advantages can be used in a number of ways such as reducing vehicle dimensions or increasing uplift without changing the overall dimensions, or both.

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