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Part of Benthos Property

Available for Start-ups

The Falmouth Economic and Industrial

Corporation (EDIC) is working hard to support the creation and growth of Marine

Technology Businesses in its region. Three years ago it purchased 22 acres of land owned by Benthos, Inc. surrounding that company's facility.

At build out, 250 new jobs will be creat- ed in the new Raymond Business and

Technology Park (named after Benthos' founder Sam Raymond). This is in addi- tion to the EDIC's Falmouth Technology

Park, currently home to approximately 400 jobs, and projecting 600 total over the next few years.

Now the EDIC is moving into a more direct support role with the Marine Science

Industry. The Regional Technology

Development Center (RTDC) is designed to stimulate commercialization of impor- tant technologies. The RTDC will facili- tate the formation and growth of new com- panies while assisting existing technology companies with market development, team building, equity capital raising and other business assistance services. With MOU's with Marine Biological Laboratory and the

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in

Woods Hole in place, as well as funding for an initial three year start-up phase, the

RTDC is uniquely positioned to offer assistance to marine scientists and entre- preneurs. Contact Chris Bailey at (508) 563-9777. Kongsberg Underwater Technology, Inc., USA +1 425 712-1107 Norway: +47 33 03 41 00, UK: +44 1224 22 65 00, Italy: +39 06 615 22 476, Singapore: +65 68 99 58 00 e-mail: g er Technology, Inc., USA +1 5 Defend... SM 2000 Features ! Single operator control: real time auto detection, classification, tracking and alert ! Multiple deployment options ! >800 meter detection ranges for divers and swimmer delivery vehicles ! Easy integration with existing generic processing platforms ! 'Sensor only' or complete underwater security systems available The SM2000 Underwater Surveillance system is currently deployed by USN, USCG and other NATO aligned countries. against underwater intruders with the SM 2000 underwater suveillance system HYDROGRAPHIC ECHO SOUNDERS AUTONOMOUS UNDERWATER VEHICLE CAMERAS AND LIGHTS Underwater instrumentation SONARS POSITIONINGTELEMETRY

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