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22 MTR March 2006 "In my career I've never seen anything quite like it," said

Elizabeth Lawrence, Director of Economic Development,

Tourism and Culture for the City of St. John's. "Clusters are common, but the wow factor is that we've got this community working together. It is significant.

Momentum is building."

That momentum is partly fueled by the success of local entrepreneurs exporting their know-how to customers around the globe. Companies like ICAN Marine

Solutions that design electronic charting systems, mobile and shore-based tracking technology and marine data management systems.

ICAN's list of repeat customers includes Transport

Canada, the American, Canadian and Icelandic Coast

Guards, the RCMP, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Singapore Maritime Port Authority.

Founded in 1997 by Neil Chaulk, a graduate of

Memorial University's electrical engineering program, and a former systems engineer with the Canadian Coast

Guard, the company struggled for years to build its client base.

But things are different now. ICAN was named Exporter of the Year by the Department of Innovation, Trade and

Rural Development. The company appreciates the recog- nition from the hometown crowd. "We're really exporting our intelligence, building capac- ity in our economy. We have talented people here who could work anywhere," says Chaulk from the company's boardroom, where a textured map of the world covers most of the entire front wall.

Just a few kilometers away at NavSim Technology in the city's east end, Piotr Waclawek, is plotting a course he expects will lead to global success — some day soon! A naval architect by profession, and a former NRC scientist turned entrepreneur, he started up his business four years ago. NavSim is developing autopilot technology for the shipping industry.

As a way to increase cash flow, NavSim's team of engi- neers and computer scientists has also developed automat- ed navigation systems for pleasure boats. Map Cruiser and

Boat Cruiser are software products getting good reviews.

Madrock Marine Solutions is one of the newest compa-

The Ice Tank in St. John's is the world's longest refrigerated indoor pool. NRC researchers use it to study the design of vessels and structures that operate in ice-covered waters.

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