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44 MTR March 2006

Benefits of modularity are numerous and include rapid battery replacement, reduced maintenance cost and cus- tomization options.

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Curvetech ROV

SMD Hydrovision (SMDH), an inde- pendent

WROV/Trencher man- ufacturer, will be exhibiting the latest

Curvetech ROV com- ponents at UI 2006. In addition to thrusters, intelligent valvepacks and ROV control demos, the com- pany will be displaying footage of the new QUANTUM heavy construction WROV and QUARK ultra compact


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SpiderBot ROVs

The SpiderBot ROV by Oceaneering International Inc was created to penetrate shipwrecks and achieved recogni- tion during exploration of the Titanic by conducting underwater surveys of tight interior spaces. The SpiderBot

ROV is suited for work consid- ered too dangerous or inacces- sible for divers, larger ROVs, or manned submersibles. The system provides high-resolu- tion imaging, close-in inspec- tion of subsea equipment, and documentation of ship- wreck and other debris. It is rated to 20,000 fsw and is driven by a pressure-compensated High Energy Electron

Accumulator Array power source, allowing for up to 18 hours of operation.

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AC-CESS' AC-ROVemploys four vectored horizontal thrusters and two vertical thrusters for inspection of con- fined and hazardous targets and environments. Designed by North Sea engineers All

Oceans Engineering Ltd, the standard system compo- nents include AC-ROV, surface control unit, intu- itive hand controller, moni- tor & stand options, tether configuration to client requirement, tether deploy- ment system (TDS), flight assist functions, tool kit, storm case, instruction manual, training, operators online secure area.

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Schilling Robotics Earns MTS ROV

Corporate Excellence Award

The Remotely Operated Vehicle Committee of the

Marine Technology Society (MTS) presented its

Corporate Excellence Award to Schilling Robotics at

Underwater Intervention 2006 in Tampa, Fla. The award was accepted for Schilling Robotics by CEO Tyler

Schilling, who said "We entered the ROV market 6 years ago because we want- ed to make signifi- cant contributions to

ROV technology, so we are very pleased to be recognized by the

ROV Committee for the second time dur- ing that 6-year peri- od." Schilling con- tinues, "A primary goal was to increase

ROV operational efficiency, and to that end we've intro- duced industry-leading features such as station-keeping and operator touchscreen interfaces. Our latest ROV, the hydraulic, ultraheavy-duty UHD, will introduce gigabit

Ethernet and HDTV technologies. And we plan to con- tinue to offer the industry the latest and most reliable technologies available."

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