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Maggie Linskey Merrill is the founding editor and publisher of Marine Technology Reporter. She has 20 years experience communicating marine science, technology, environmental and engineering news and information. She has held positions at the

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, HA Perry Foundation and Sea Data Corporation.

In 1993 she founded MTR and the Marine and Oceanographic

Technology Network (MOTN). (Story on page 34)

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The new 150 hp Triton XLS, with a high specification survey suite and high thrust output. Triton XLS-11 has recently been delivered to Geoconsult AS and is sched- uled for installation on their new build vessel Geoholm in Q1 2006 also in this Edition 4 Editorial 4 Editorial Index 46 People & Company News 59 MTR Marketplace: JOBS 64 Advertiser’s Index the Authors

Dr. Robert Ballard is presently the Director of the Institute for

Archaeological Oceanography at the University of Rhode

Island’s Graduate School of Oceanography after spending 30 years at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution where he founded the Deep Submergence Laboratory. (Story on page 24)

Dr. Stephen R. Hammond is Acting Director the NOAA Ocean

Exploration program. He has served as the program's Chief

Scientist and is Division Director for the Ocean Environment

Research Division of NOAA's Pacific Marine Environmental

Laboratory. Dr. Hammond has a Ph.D in marine geophysics and has been involved in submarine volcanic and hydrothermal research for more than 30 years. (Story on page 24)

Dr. Larry Mayer is the director of the Center for Coastal and

Ocean Mapping at the University of New Hampshire and the co-director of the NOAA/UNH Joint Hydrographic Center.

Larry's present research deals with sonar imaging and remote characterization of the seafloor as well as advanced applications of 3-D visualization to ocean mapping problems. (Story on page 24)

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