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46 MTR June 2006 manufacture, at the same undertak- ing its maintenance, repair and serv- ice. The company manufactures a number of electronic devices for underwater use. It also imports and services items which it does not pro- duce, such as ROVs, sonars, analy- sers, etc. At present the company is developing and manufacturing a pro- totype touted as the first-ever ROV to be produced in Greece. Production of the prototype Underwater Towed

Vehicle is nearly complete.

Maritime Applied Physics

Corporation 1850 Frankfurst Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21226

Tel: 443-524-3330 x160; Fax: 443-524-3322


President: Mark Rice, P.E.

Vice President: James Chafe, PhD

Marketing Director: Peter MacShane

Number of Employees: 45

Annual Sales (US$): $6 million

Maritime Applied Physics

Corporation (MAPC) was formed in 1986 and has a 20-year history of work in the marine technology field, including engineering, prototyping and production work, for govern- ment and commercial sponsors. Its primary facility is in Baltimore, Md., where it has a 37,000 sq. ft. engineer- ing and fabrication facility. The facil- ities contain machining, welding, fab- rication, and composite fabrication equipment as well as engineering offices. The company recently deliv- ered two unmanned boats to the U.S.

Navy Office of Naval Research, and it ise designing and producing a water- craft launch and recovery system for

General Dynamics Littoral Combat

Ship. In addition, it is developing hybrid electric drive trains for small craft as well as UAV launch and recovery systems for unmanned boats.

Martec-METOCEAN Data Systems 21 Thornhill Drive, Dartmouth Nova Scotia, Canada, B3B 1R9

Tel: +19024682505 x247; Fax: +19024684442


President: Tony Chedrawy

Sales Manager: Greg Connor

Number of Employees: 30+

Annual Sales: $3 million

Metocean Data Systems develops and manufactures state of the art data acquisition and telemetry systems for remote/severe environments.

Metocean Data Systems has devel- oped niche markets in the fields of oceanography, meteorology, defense, oil and gas, and coastal environments on an international basis.

The PROVOR float also has poten- tial for other areas of science. It can be fitted with an optical sensor to measure the depth of light penetra- tion in the ocean, something of inter- est to biologists.

Materials Systems Inc. 543 Great Road, Littleton, MA 01460

Tel: 978-486-0404; Fax: 978-486-0706


President: Dr. Leslie Bowen

Vice President: Gerald Scmidt

Materials Systems Inc. (MSI) designs and manufactures custom sonar transducers and arrays for a wide range of applications, including side-scan, obstacle avoidance, sub- bottom profiling, swath bathymetry, mine hunting, and acoustic commu- nications. MSI's piezocomposite technology offers extremely broad bandwidth, high receive sensitivity, high source levels, and conformabili- ty for curved arrays. MSI's pioneering development of low cost injection molding for manufacturing piezo- composite opened the way for appli- cation of this powerful acoustic trans- ducer material in sonar and ultra- sound. This is a mature technology that has been demonstrated on a wide range of applications. MSI is now in full scale production for a variety of commercial and industrial customers.

Technology Profile

MSI's piezocomposite arrays deliver broad bandwidth phased array per- formance, allowing multiple beams to operate in distinct frequency bands.

This allows greater resolution and enhances broad spectrum (chirp) operating techniques. MSI's piezo- composite arrays can also be curved and shaded to achieve a specific beampattern or to achieve a hydrody- namic profile when mounting the arrays to the curved hull of a vessel or autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV).

Measurement Technology NW 4211 - 24th Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98199

Tel: 206-634-1308; Fax: 206-634-1309


President: Tim O'Neill

Vice President: Richard Burke

Marketing Director: Dave Heiss

Sales Manager: Dave Heiss

METOCEAN Data Systems has developed a "profiling autonomous float" that can measure the temperature and salinity of oceans anywhere in the world-gathering valuable data about climate change. The float, called

PROVOR, is a two meter long tube with an antenna at one end, giving it the appearance of a giant hypodermic needle. Once dropped into the ocean from a plane or ship, the float descends to a depth of 2,000 meters. It drifts with the underwater current for about 10 days, and then ascends slowly, taking measurements the entire way. Once at the surface, it sends its data back to the user via satellite, then descends and repeats the process.

Shown is a transducer before encapsulation that MSI designed and manufactures for FarSounder Inc.

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