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14 MTR March 2007 news perform demanding marine operations in deep water," said CEO Gunvor Ulstein. "More and more oil installations are now sea-bottom facilities, and we're seeing an increasing demand for subsea and con- struction vessels. Supplying vessels for this market will be an important priority area for Ulstein Verft in the future," said

Karsten Sævik, MD of Ulstein Verft AS.

The vessel will be 120 x 25 m and will accommodate 100. It will be fitted with a tower for module handling, a moonpool,

ROV hangar, offshore crane, helipad and a diesel-electric propulsion system. The principal shareholders and founders of

African Offshore Services, Mårten Rød and Gian Angelo Perrucci, have more than 25 years' experience in both onshore and offshore activities. In addition, the compa- ny is buying three work/accommodations barges at a total value of $94.6 million.

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Bluestream Charters DSV

The diving support vessel (DSV) —

Northern River — owned by Trico will be operating from Den Helder. Diving opera- tor Bluestream NL chartered the vessel for five years for the oil and gas industry and the wind energy sector. DSV Northern

River measures 93 m long and is equipped with a 50-ton crane, class 2 DPS and accommodation for 60. It is designed for carrying out diving work and laying cables offshore. In May 2006 Bluestream NL took possession of the vessel, chartering it for one year. "With the exception of just six days, over the last year we have been continuously at work in both the Dutch and British sectors of the North Sea," said

Kieran Pieters, MD. "We have also laid energy cables in the offshore wind turbine park off the coast at Egmond.” The per- formance of the vessel coupled with prom- ising prospects prompted the company to extend the charter to May 2012. 0 Ë2Ë+ 02- .21*6%(5*0(627(&+/7'  (PDLONPVDOHVYDQFRXYHU # NRQJVEHUJFRP ZZZNRQJVEHUJPHVRWHFKFRP .RQJVEHUJ0HVRWHFK 'LYHU'HWHFWLRQ6RQDU (IIHFWLYHRQ WKHVXUIDFH ZKDWDERXW EHORZ" $FFXUDWH UHOLDEOH VXEVHD VXUYHLOODQFH ZKHUH\RX QHHGLWPRVW &RQWDFWRXU WHFKQLFDOVSHFLDOLVWV DW

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