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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of March 2007 Marine Technology Magazine Marine Technology Reporter 19 this option would apply to large point sources of CO2 emissions, including power plants using fossil fuels, steel works and fuel processing plants.

Sequestration of CO2 streams is intended to be part of a suite of measures to tackle the challenge of climate change and ocean acid- ification, including, first and foremost, the need to further develop and use low carbon forms of energy and conservation measures to reduce emissions.

Guidelines on how to store CO2 in sub- seabed geological formations will be devel- oped for adoption by the Parties to the

London Protocol when they meet for their second session in November 2007. These guidelines will address how to store CO2 in a manner that meets all the requirements of the Protocol and is safe for the marine envi- ronment, over both the short- and long- term.

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WHOI Sea Grant Seeks


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's (WHOI)

Sea Grant Program is seeking pre-proposals for the 2008-2010 funding cycle. The theme areas are fisheries and aquaculture, environ- mental technologies, and estuarine and coastal processes-however, proposals representing other areas will be considered. Regional and collaborative proposals are encouraged-proj- ects that address problems or issues related to regional-scale changes that impact ecosys- tem-level processes, involve collaboration among a number of Sea Grant programs, and are broad enough in scope to support a multi- disciplinary team effort. For more information, see the WHOI Sea Grant website, email Judy

McDowell, or call (508) 289-2557.

Submissions are due by March 14.

EPA BEACH Act Grants - EPA has announced the availability of $10 million in grants for beach water-quality monitoring and public notifi- cation programs. All 35 coastal and Great

Lakes states and U.S. territories maintain moni- toring programs using the EPA funding, with an additional focus on developing new rapid analy- sis technologies for bacteria. Applications are due by April 11. For more information, see the grant announcement or email CZ-

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