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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of March 2007 Marine Technology Magazine Marine Technology Reporter 23 many routing functions to be automated, which will assist skilled personnel during complex, time-consuming subsea intervention. We are also investing heavily into the next generation of pipe and cable survey systems which will push out the maximum range envelop o better match the potential requirements.

MTR What is you business outlook?

Frost 2006 was an outstanding year for TSS with sales in the region of $20 million, which will give an average growth rate of 11 percent over the last three years, the greatest growth rate in the company's history. However, with the company growing rapidly, we have many chal- lenges ahead. Most importantly, we have to continue to provide the service that our customers have come to expect, and we will need to invest in our employees in order to broaden our skill base.

MTR What markets do you see as lucrative in the coming years?

Frost In the current economic climate, there is a rela- tively high level of activity being experienced by the hydrographic and survey companies, shipyards, DP man- ufacturers and ROV operators.

Some of the markets are difficult, as they are often price driven therefore we have to have a model that suits that profile, but with the cost of raw materials and manufac- turing increasing every year, we have to find different processes to remain competitive.

TSS sees potential in the military marketplace, including the continued focus on homeland defense. TSS is work- ing on a line of attitude heading and reference system (AHRS), surface and subsea, as well as future INS prod- ucts designed specifically for military applications. We also see the great potential for growth in the U.S. market.

Within the last year we have invested more resources in the U.S. with recent personnel additions in sales and tech- nical support.

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