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MTR PSS recently opened a new facility in Houston.

Can you describe the products and services that will be offered from this location.

Anderson Our initiatives in our new Houston office focus on providing service to the deepwater mar- kets. We are servicing our current customers with spare parts, ROV training and simulation, tooling sales and rentals and engineering services, and we are expanding our view and offering services to the deepwater community in general. PSS is a deepwater technology company and

Houston is an ideal area for us to pursue this market.

MTR Houston is obviously the hub for GOM off- shore operations, and just as obvious is the cyclical nature of this business. What are your projections for short- and mid-term business prospects in the oil patch?

Anderson The global subsea market has visible growth through 2011 with a substantial increase in the number of subsea wells and subsea developments. The

GOM is forecast to maintain a steady level of activity through this period. All of the principal growth regions are deepwater with a growing demand for advanced tech-

PSS’ new facility in Houston is focused on providing serv- ice to the deepwater market.

Precise marine technology developed to greater depths.


T: +44 (0)1923 470800 E:

For further information on any of TSS’ products please contact us

World-leading range of cable location and tracking equipment.

TSS offers a range of underwater equipment rated to 3000m as standard. The Meridian gyrocompasses are available with roll/pitch and battery back-up options; Subsea pipe and cable detection and tracking equipment includes an out of straightness tool; Highly accurate dynamic motion sensors and attitude and heading reference systems complete the range. TSS offers comprehensive sales and service capabilities through its own personnel and its products are supported by a world-wide network of representatives.

Leaders in marine navigation.

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