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Centurion QX Work Class

ROV Systems

SMD Hydrovision (SMDH) secured a contract for a substantial number of additional Centurion QX

Work Class ROV systems. The 125 hp Centurion QX uses SMDH

Curvetech hydraulic components and the DVECS control throughout. 2000m and 3000m rated systems will be delivered, including SMDH designed Launch and Recovery sys- tems, Winches, Tether Management

Systems and associated control and workshop cabins. This contract will also see the debut of SMDH's new deepwater Garage TMS designed to accept small to medium size work class ROVs. In the two years since the launch of the range, 20 SMDH Q-

Series ROV systems have been deliv- ered or are under construction. The

Q-Series range includes the

Quantum, Quasar, Quasar Compact,

Quark and Centurion QX ROVs.

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Acergy Inks Order for

Four More ROVs

Schilling Robotics received an order from Acergy for four ultraheavy-duty

ROV systems.

These systems, from Schilling's

Acergy Core Vehicle (ACV) line, are the product of close collaboration with Acergy, a seabed-to-surface engi- neering and construction contractor for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Schilling was selected by Acergy in 2006 to produce the standard ROV system for the company's next-gener- ation remote intervention fleet. The

ACV is based on Schilling's standard ultraheavy-duty UHD system. The four ACV vehicles have 150 hsp power packs. They are rated for 3000 m operation, and can be upgraded for 4000 m depth ratings. The systems feature eight thrusters; four vertical and four horizontal, for extra stabili- ty. The ACVs are equipped with

Schilling's StationKeep dynamic positioning system. The ROVs also use Schilling's Digital Telemetry

System, which includes advanced capabilities such as HDTV. ACV sys- tems 04 and 05 will be delivered in

June to operate from the Sapura 3000, a new-build heavy- lift and pipelay vessel that will perform deep- water construction and pipelay in the

Asia Pacific region. ACV systems 06 and 07 will be configured similarly to

ACV 04 and 05, and will include XE

TMS units. Both systems will oper-

ISE AUV Passes Sea Trials

ISE Ltd. and IFREMER recently concluded sea acceptance tests of IFREMER's second 3,000-m autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) built by ISE. Following Factory

Acceptance Tests in Vancouver, the vehicle was shipped to IFREMER's Mediterranean facility in Seyne-sur-mer. Sea acceptance testing took 6 days and concluded with a dive to 2,450 m off Saint Tropez. "With this AUV having successfully completed acceptance trials in deep water, Ifremer now has two vehicles, which will be used with var- ious scientific payloads covering geo-physi- cal, physical, and fisheries applications," said Jan Opderbecke, Project Manager, AUVs for IFREMER. "The Explorer AUV 'AsterX', is an efficient and reliable system that has proven it's capabilities for the operational oceanographic service."

IFREMER took its first Explorer AUV in 2004.

This latest delivery is the fourth of the class, and a fifth is currently in production for the

University of Bremen, Germany. The Explorer vehicle was designed to operate from small vessels of opportunity, and has a level of mod- ularity that allows it to be fitted with a wide variety of payload instrumentation.

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