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CapRock Communications

Randy Neck tel: 1 832-668-2300 fax: 1 832-668-2388


Descr: CapRock Communications is a leading satellite communications provider for remote loca- tions.

The company provides managed telecommunica- tions services to remote operations around the globe. These services include, but are not limited to, basic telephony, IP telephony.

Cepoint Networks tel: 603-883-7979

Fax: 603-883-3266



Product: Ruggedized Shipboard Computers,GPS

Systems,IRIG B Time-Stamp/Video frame Grabber

Systems. Network Video Monitoring and

Recording systems.VSATs,Marine Satelite

Communications and R/F Microwave Systems.

Hyper-Blade Servers, RAID Systems, High-per- formance Cluster Servers and Marine Technology


GEOSat Solutions, Inc. tel: 954-922-9585 fax: 954-925-1033


Descr: GEOSat Solutions is a systems developer and integrator for the marine industry, specializing in voice and data communications. Syrens On-

Board & Marina WiFi, SeaTrac and MSAT Satellite


Hose-McCann Communications

Phone: 954-429-1110

Fax: 954-429-1130



Product: Hose-McCann innovated and developed the first safe, reliable and rugged sound powered communication system for marine use. The system was adopted by the US Military and proved to be virtually indestructible. With the purchase of United

Marine, Canada's premier communication special- ists in 1999, Hose-McCann became the world's first Maritime Communications SuperStore. In 2006 the company introduced its first true end-to- end digital integrated communications platform,

HMC-ICP. An IP-based platform using standard protocol, ICP allows for virtually limitless expan- sion.

Jeppesen Marine

Phone: 303-328-6105

Fax: 303-328-4160



Product: Jeppesen Marine, a subsidiary of Boeing, provides software which integrates navigation, tidal prediction, weather, radar and critical posi- tioning information with onboard data and enable as-needed, real-time shore-to-ship updates for both deep sea and inland water vessels.

Kongsberg Maritime

Phone: +47 33 03 41 00



Product: Underwater positioning and navigation, including the industry standard of HPR and HiPAP systems and inertial navigation through

Hydroacoustic Aided Inertial Naviagation, the

HAIN systems. Transponders for any water dept and any of the LBL, SBL, SSBL or combined prin- ciples. Acoustic telemetry vertical and horizontal, up to 15 km. Acoustic BOP emergency control.

Hydrographic precision echo sounders of single beam and multibeam types, for surface ship, ROV, towed and AUV applications. Hydrographic dat- aprocessing software. Integrated instrumentation systems. Active sonars for both antisubmarine warfare, obstacle avoidance and mine detection and classification. Products specially designed for

Littoral Warfare and brown water operations.

L-3 Henschel

Phone: 978-462-2400

Fax: 978-462-4497



Product: Integrated Communication Systems

Announcing Systems, Wireless Communications

Systems, Integrated Voice User Terminala & Audio


MTN, A SeaMobile Company tel: 954.538.4000 fax: 954.431.4077


Descr: VSAT Communications Providers.

PetroCom, LLC tel: 504.736.9400 fax: 504.734.6100


Descr: A turnkey provider of communication solu- tions to the marine and oil and gas industries

Products: VSAT, GSM and Analog voice, fax and data communication services.

Radio Holland Netherlands tel: +31 10 4283344 fax: +31 10 4281498


Products: Communication, Satellite

Communication, Navigation, Observation, etc.,

Shakespeare Co.

Phone: 803 227-1590

Fax: 803 419-3099



Product: Military & Marine antennas and acces- sories


Phone: +45 3332 3120

Fax: +45 3332 3174



Product: ShipServ was founded in 1999 and mar- itime maritime e-commerce solutions via the

TradeNet e-commerce trading platform and

ShipServ Pages, the online sourcing tool for the maritime industry.

Smartcom Software

Phone: +44 (0)1329 836296

Fax: +44 (0)1329 836296



Product: PC SatC - INMARSAT C terminal soft- ware SmartCom - mobile and satellite communica- tions connectivity TideWizard - worldwide tidal pre- dictions PC Navtex - NAVTEX on your PC

WinAstro - celestial navigation software.

Telenor Satellite Services tel: +1 301 838 7814 fax: +1 301 838 7824


Descr: Telenor Satellite Services is a subsidiary of

Telenor of Norway and is the world`s preferred provider of global communications solutions via satellite for customers at sea. Telenor offers serv- ices via multiple global and regional satellite sys- tems. Securable broadband data & voice commu- nications for the maritime industry offering a full array of products and services via multiple satellite systems.

Werum Software & Systems

Phone: +49 4131 8900 123

Fax: +49 4131 8900 20



Product: Werum provides software for marine research. DAVIS-MAIL is a mail system for ship-to- shore communication by eMail. This system is able to prioritize eMail messages, to determine the registered users' whereabouts and to initialize the sending of large eMails on explicit user confirma- tion only. As there are some regions in the world where communication can only be established through special service providers, various commu- nication links are available to set up Internet con- nections. Marine Technology Reporter 49 directory

Communication Systems

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