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mapping analysis and processing solutions. Fledermaus has proven to be critical for improving efficiency and reliability in the quality control and automated processing of high- resolution multibeam sonar data. "We have seen a significant growth in our customer base and level of interest in the Fledermaus products across the ocean mapping industry" said Lindsay Gee, CEO of IVS 3D,

Inc. "Our customers have made a commitment to our products, and to support their efforts we are expanding our local European resources. The

UK office will allow us to deliver superior sales and support to our cus- tomers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa." Duncan Mallace,

Managing Director of the IVS 3D

Ltd. UK office said, "I am very excit- ed to be working even more closely with IVS 3D and establishing

Fledermaus as not only the market leader in 3D visualization, but also to see it become the standard in visuali- zation worldwide." For more infor- mation, E-mail

Deep Down Executes LOI to Acquire ElectroWave

Deep Down, Inc. signed a letter of intent (LOI) to acquire ElectroWave

USA, an electronic monitoring/con- trol system designer and manufactur- er serving the energy, military, and people & companies

Balmoral's New Plant Brings New Products, Jobs

Balmoral Offshore Engineering announced multi-million dollar orders for subsea buoyancy and polyurethane products destined for Angola, Brazil,

China and Norway. Distributed and marine drilling riser buoyancy mod- ules, modular subsurface buoyancy, PU bend restrictors and cable protec- tion make up the bulk of the projects and are among the first to go through the company's new manufacturing plant in Aberdeen which has seen the creation of more than 50 jobs in less than a year. Jim Milne, chairman of

Balmoral, said: "We've had an extraordinarily busy 12 months preparing our new facility. What we've achieved since March 2006 is nothing short of remarkable. From a standing start we've designed, fabricated, installed and commissioned a highly flexible manufacturing capability. Our new plant is unique in that it houses a range of polymer manufacturing techniques which allows us to produce a wide range of subsea products - from the largest volume modular buoyancy system to the smallest individual polyurethane product." Balmoral Offshore Engineering also introduced a number of new product lines including Durafloat marine drilling riser buoyancy; Duraflex dynamic riser buoyancy; Duraguard PU cable protec- tion and the Oceanus range of small deepwater floats. Further investment was made in upgrading the company's test facilities and it now offers the largest commercially available hydrostatic vessel in Europe. Additional vessels, software and procedures have been put in place offering independent testing for all types of subsea equipment to 6000msw equivalent, including hydrostatic compression, uniaxial strength and creep, density and water absorption.

A multi purpose load rig, capable of performing axial slip loads, lateral and static loading, three-point bending and clamp overload tests has also been installed.

Buoys to Brazil. Balmoral's Jim Milne and Jim Hamilton discuss the load- out.

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