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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of March 2007 Marine Technology Magazine Marine Technology Reporter 57 the following essential reporting fea- tures: • Schedule Report: PetroTrac allows the user to instantly prepare a detailed past and present timeline report of which platforms the vessels serviced. It also provides for sorting by the name of the vessel or platform. Path Report: The user is able to track a vessel's location over a given time period and can view the path according to time, latitude, longi- tude, course and speed. Mileage Report: The mileage report eliminates manual tracking of the distance a vessel has traveled and generates a report for a given time - past or present. Idle Time Report: View the idle time of a fleet and further improve fleet efficiency by analyzing the cur- rent and previous idle time reports. Location Report: The location report enables the user to make more informed decisions based on a real- time overview of the fleet's locations and activities. Speed Report: This report enables operators to view the average and maximum speeds of a fleet for a given period of time to help them lower maintenance costs. Audit Report: The audit report feature saves the user valuable time by offering easy access to historical reports instead of having to track down cumbersome paperwork.

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Offshore Industry Uses


LinkQuest's TrackLink Ultra Short

Base Line (USBL) tracking systems have been used in the offshore oil and gas industry for positioning of ROVs, divers, towfish and undersea struc- tures. LinkQuest recently delivered a

TrackLink 5000HA USBL tracking system to Fugro Chance. It is the fourth TrackLink 5000HA system delivered to Fugro within a year and brings the total number of TrackLink systems purchased by Fugro compa- nies worldwide to more than 20 units. Acergy Group has purchased a

TrackLink 1500HA system for off- shore applications in the Gulf of

Mexico. Quest Veritas and

Continental Shelf Associates Inc. have also purchased several TrackLink 1500 USBL systems for tracking towed systems, divers and ROVs.

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New Data Base Management System

CARIS released the Bathy DataBASE 2.0 for the creation and management of bathymetric surfaces. Bathy DataBASE was developed to allow hydrogra- phers to overcome obstacles of large bathymetric data sets and data sources.

The software allows users to validate, prepare and compile bathymetric data from multiple formats and sources to create products.

Among some of the features of Version 2.0 are new source data manage- ment and storage tools, Subset Editor for point editing, redesigned 3D graphics display and navigation tools, and true position contouring.

With ever expanding volumes of raw multibeam survey data and large numbers of archived historical data sources, a data management system for source bathymetry is essential. The management of high-density bathyme- try is essential for product creation where safety of navigation is applicable.

The goal then is not to manage bathymetry at survey density but at a useful and significant resolution. Bathy DataBASE covers this crucial need allowing users to focus the management of bathymetry data at the "optimal" density for the most functional and practical solution.

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