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March 13-15

Submarines & Their

Combat Systems

This course underwent major revi- sion with updated data in July 2004.

It was then formatted as an animated, full-color Power-Point Presentation.

This course presents the fundamental philosophy of submarine design, con- struction, and stability as well as the utilization of submarines as cost- effective warships at sea. A thumbnail history of waging war by coming up from below the surface of the sea relates prior gains-and, prior set- backs. marines_and_combat_systems.htm

March 27-29, 2007

MCE Deepwater

Development 2007

Hosted by BP, the conference will be a focused oil & gas event in

Europe, where executives from

Operators and Contractors meet to share lessons learned, present new technology and discuss contractual and operational issues to move the industry forward.


March 27-29, 2007

Ocean Business 2007

A hands on ocean technology exhi- bition incorporating in-classroom and on-water demonstrations and training sessions. Organized in part- nership with the Association of

Marine Scientific Industries and host- ed by the National Oceanography

Center, Southampton.

April 3-5, 2007

Sonar Signal Processing

This intensive short course provides an overview of sonar signal process- ing. Processing techniques applicable to bottom-mounted, hull-mounted, towed and sonobuoy systems will be discussed. Spectrum analysis, detec- tion, classification, and tracking algo- rithms for passive and active systems will be examined and related to design factors. The impact of the ocean environment on signal process- ing performance will be highlighted.

Advanced techniques such as high- resolution array-processing and matched field array processing, advanced signal processing tech- niques, and sonar automation will be covered. nal_processing.htm

April 12-13, 2007

Coastal Environmental

Sensing Networks

On April 12-13, 2007, the

University of Massachusetts Boston

Center for Coastal Environmental

Sensing Networks will hold this two- day conference on extracting, process- ing, and utilizing information gath- ered from the coastal environment using sensor networks. The deadline for abstracts is January 31, 2007.


April 23-26, 2007

Underwater Acoustic

Modeling & Simulation

The subject of underwater acoustic modeling deals with the translation of our physical understanding of sound Marine Technology Reporter 59


New Date for Ocean Tech Expo 2007

Organizers of the inaugural Ocean Tech Expo (OTE) announced that a new date has been set. The new date is September 5-7, 2007. This change was made to ensure maximum attendance and participation at OTE. "Feedback to the new date was tremendous at UI last week and everyone is looking forward to starting the "show season" in New England this year", said Rob

Howard, Show Director. Mark your calendars now to attend the premier international exposition and training event in North America targeting ocean science and technology; marine environmental engineers; govern- ment agencies and commercial interests at the

Providence Convention Center located in the heart of

Providence, Rhode Island. Exhibit space is selling briskly. Seminars and training programs are lining up.

The 1st annual OceanTech Expo is a unique, industry- led exposition that will feature new equipment, training and live demonstrations of the most current technology available to the growing ocean technology and marine science industry in North America. OceanTech will bring exhibitors and attendees together in an interactive, "hands-on" environment to share and learn about the most current technology available from this industry.

Contact Rob Howard at: Tel: 561-732-4368;

Email:; or visit:

To have details of your event published here, please visit click on the “Calendar” tab and input your event details for free publication on-line and in print.

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