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Advanced Hydraulic Workclass ROVs

Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd, Wincomblee Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 3QS England

Tel No: +44 191 234 2222 Fax No: +44 191 234 0444 E-mail:

An advanced high power construction class ROV designed to carry out a range of heavy and ultra-heavy duty tasks now required in deepwater. Power range available from 125hp to 200hp.

A state of the art general purpose workclass ROV able to conduct a wide variety of missions in a compact package.

Power range available from 100hp to 125hp.

For those wanting increased tooling capability over Quark without jumping up in size to Quasar.

The Quasar Compact is available with 100hp and the stability to conduct the most demanding drill support tasks

An ultra compact, lightweight workclass ROV designed to fill the gap between electric and hydraulic systems.

Of similar size to a large electric ROV, but with the ability to carry and run high power tooling. Power range from 54hp to 75hp.

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