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with these individuals, and continue the dialogue about potential careers in the industry. The fact that these busy people, over 130 of them, found the time to com- mit their Saturday to this project was incredible." "These days, the demand for good engineers is much greater than the supply, but programs like SEAPerch can help reverse that trend in the future," said Mason. "Technology companies and government organizations alike should clearly see the long-term benefits of sup- porting these initiatives."

Taking the program forward, Giver said that there are many ways in which corporations and organizations of all sizes can participate. "There is always room for a company who wishes to participate," Giver said. "Certainly funding will be important, as the project will need to be self-sustaining going forward. In addition to, or instead of, funding, mentors are needed to assist in the classrooms, and to help design the events. Some companies who did not provide funding provided valuable support in allowing several employees to mentor, and that proved to be invaluable."

For additional information regarding the SEAPerch program, contact Susan Giver at

All is quiet now, but April 26 was packed with unbridled enthusiasm non-stop activity from participants and volunteers.

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