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52 MTR May 2008 people & companies tooling interfaces. ICE is the latest generation of subsea control system that provides an intuitive front end user interface with unparalleled sys- tem level diagnostics.

Harvey-Lynch Named


Harvey-Lynch was appointed as representatives for IXSEA's Marine

Navigation and Positioning product line for the Gulf of Mexico states.

Harvey-Lynch will support IXSEA with sales and technical support efforts from its 16,000 sq. ft. Stafford facility southwest of Houston and will cover the states of Texas,

Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi.

Under this agreement, the company will provide commercial, marketing, technical support, and logistical serv- ices for OCTANS surface and subsea gyrocompasses and PHINS Inertial

Navigation System, both products are based on unique Fiber Optic

Gyroscope technology. Harvey-Lynch will also market IXSEA's complete acoustic positioning product line including its USBL systems: GAPS,


Sonardyne Acquires


Sonardyne Group Ltd has acquired

Wavefront Systems Ltd., a UK design company specializing in sonar and underwater technology. Wavefront

Systems Ltd, based in Sherborne,

Dorset, was founded in 2004 by a team of defense sonar engineering professionals and has grown substan- tially with a focus on design and development services to the military and commercial undersea market worldwide. The Wavefront team's extensive knowledge and experience covers all aspects of sonar system design including performance model- ing, acoustics, algorithms, hardware and software.

John Partridge, Chairman,

Sonardyne Group Ltd. said, "The success of the recently launched

Sonardyne Sentinel diver detection system illustrates the real strength of the co-operation between the two companies. This acquisition enables a longer term approach to system design and development."

Fifteen Years

Manufacturing Seismic

Power Sources

Applied Acoustics, based in

Gt.Yarmouth UK, has been manufac- turing sub-bottom profiling systems for more than 15 years. In the past year alone the company has launched three new Seismic Power Sources; the

CSP-D and CSP-P with their special dual voltage output and the CSP-S, a compact 'all in one' 6000 Joule power source. Launched at Oceanology

International in London in March, the CSP-S provides both require- ments geophysicists have when exam- ining the subsea sediment layers; high resolution, shallow penetration or low resolution, high penetration. It oper- ates both with lower powered boomer plates, such as the AA300 boomer as well as the 6000J sparkers.

Traditionally high penetration has been achieved with an airgun, but now the CSP-S can obtain both types of results without the need for a sepa- rate power supply, specialist operator, air compressor or cable.

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FarSounder Adds New

Test Facility

FarSounder added a new 1,250 sq. ft. test facility, located in Warwick,

RI, the same town as FarSounder's main office. "We are extremely excit- ed at what this will mean for our operation, not just in terms of streamlining our manufacturing process, but the opportunities it will offer for our various R&D projects," said Matthew Zimmerman, VP of

Engineering. As a company specializ- ing in sonar technology, in a part of the country renowned for its under- water specialties in this field,

Zimmerman adds, "In this unique field we recognize the importance of having such a facility and are willing to work with other companies who may need the use of such an environ- ment for their own testing."

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Subsea 7 Orders $190m

Pipelay Vessel

Subsea 7 signed a contract for the construction of a new-build pipelay and construction vessel. The overall project cost is in the region of $190m and is based on fixed prices from the

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