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Products Featured Product EvoLogic?s Special Edition Underwater Acoustic Modem EvoLogics GmbH presented the White Line Science Edition - a new line of S2CR underwater acoustic modems with an embed- ded network protocol development platform. Intended for univer- sities and other research facilities, the S2CR White Line Science Edition modems are a great tool to effectively design, test and implement underwater acoustic network protocols. EvoLogics designed an open environment for network protocol develop- ers, offering the scienti Þ c community a ß exible framework to test new network protocols on real hardware - the new S2CR White Line Science Edition (S2C R WiSE) acoustic modems facilitate an embedded developer sandbox of up to 32 GB. The EvoLogics WiSE toolchain allows to build custom Þ rmware mod- ules for S2C modems and opens endless opportunities for new implementations. EvoLogics S2CR WiSE modems are an excellent testbed for new underwater network protocols, as test scenarios for performance evaluation can now run on real hardware in real-world conditions. Moreover, the NS-2 framework is preinstalled on all S2CR WiSE modems. The EvoLogics WiSE line includes the S2CR 48/78 WiSE and S2CR 18/34 WiSE underwater acoustic modems. Implementing the patented S2C technology, these devices offer the scienti Þ c community all the beneÞ ts of the main EvoLogics S2C R modem range. Both S2CR WiSE modems are available in a variety of con Þ gurations to suit a wide range of application scenarios. MP Series Multi Beam SonarRoss Laboratories, WASSP Ltd., and Furuno USA introduced the WASSP Marine Professional (MP) shallow water multi beam system. Proven in the Þ shing industry, the new hydrographic survey version meets the re- quirements and speci Þ cations for shallow water surveyors. Ross Laboratories is a manu- facturer of hydrographic survey systems and a HySweep dealer. Furuno USA, the distributor of WASSP in the US and Canada, selected Ross Laboratories as an Elite dealer for this multi beam system manufactured by WASSP Ltd. in New Zealand. From the basic multi beam sys- tem only to a survey ready sys- tem complete with Heave, Pitch, Roll, and Heading sensors, Ross Laboratories 35 years? expe- rience manufacturing hydro- graphic survey equipment. OSIL: New Tern Buoy OSIL launched its 1.2m Tern buoy, designed for extended deployment in harsh coastal environments in deeper water depths, and suitable for all applications, including scien- tiÞ c studies, water quality monitor- ing, coastal engineering projects, harbor and coastal monitoring and maritime trafÞ c control. All instru- mentation and cables are held in-ternally, protected by the enclosed top section, which has been de- signed to minimize damage from the elements or interference. The platform also offers a higher visibil- ity pro Þ le, easily seen in high-traf Þ c areas. The 1.2m platform has ap- proximately 400kg net buoyancy, and is supplied with a range of sen-sors that can be speci Þ ed by the customer (including CTD, DO, pH/ ORP, Turbidity, Chlorophyll, Rhoda- mine, current speed/direction, and meteorological sensors including wind speed/direction, air tempera- ture, humidity, pressure, solar ra- diation, as well as a GPS locator). June 201258 MTRMTR #5 (50-64).indd 58MTR #5 (50-64).indd 585/31/2012 1:23:21 PM5/31/2012 1:23:21 PM

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