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H2X, a member of iXBlue?s marine works division, won a contract to build a 43-m monohull survey vessel for a Saudi Arabian university. The vessel will be of a standard design with various modi cations to meet de ned operational needs. Constructed mainly from lightweight composite materials, the vessel will be propelled by two diesel and two classical shaft lines for transits, and by a pump-jet azimuthal stern thruster and have a bow thruster to ensure maximum maneuverability; it will also be  tted with a dynamic positioning capability. The vessel will be handed over to the owners complete with all the navigational, positional and survey equipment necessary to conduct scienti c work from day one at water depths to over 2000m. ?This is the second contract that we have agreed with this important client. The  rst was for a 15-m dual-hull survey vessel, which is due to be delivered in October 2012,? said Charles Nissard H2X Sales Director. ?We have forged an excellent relationship with the client during the work. We believe that this, together with the strength of our commercial proposal, was fundamental in securing this larger project.? H2X president Sebastien Grall, added, ?The contract con-solidates H2X?s position in the professional workboat market. In the past two years, we have been asked to build a total of six workboats, including three for scienti c use. Before this we were absent from this market.? The vessel will be built at H2X?s La Ciotat shipyard in the south of France, near Marseille. Design work is almost com- plete and construction of the vessel should start later this year. Delivery is scheduled for the second half of 2014. Contracts for the supply of the various onboard systems are expected to be awarded in the coming months. H2X to Survey Vessel for Saudi Arabian University Marine Technology Reporter MTR #8 (1-17).indd 9MTR #8 (1-17).indd 910/3/2012 4:25:28 PM10/3/2012 4:25:28 PM

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