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Ocean Observation: Gliders, buoys & sub surface monitoring networks

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First Person major undertaking. The hull had to be trailered 80 miles from Surry to St. George, Maine, and the boat shop at Clark Island was lengthened to accommodate the hull. In this economy, it was challenging to Þ nance the construc- tion, but Josh, the proverbial entrepreneur, managed to Þ nd a way. In addition to the research charters and lobster Þ shing, he derived funding from his ß eet of snow plows, sanders, waste management and boom truck services, vessel storage services, and the sale of two boats. One was the Justin Daniel (named after his son). After the BP oil spill, Josh transported this 56- foot landing craft, to the Gulf of Mexico where along with CRÕs former captain, Steve Harris, it assisted in the cleanup efforts. After a lucrative six-month charter, the Justin Daniel was sold in Mississippi. During the two year construction period, CR had multiple oceanographic charters scheduled. Fellow Hull lobstermen, Chad Mahoney, stepped up and provided his 42-foot WES- MAC for this interim period. Josh and Chad quickly outÞ tted the vessel with A-frame, winch, and lab space, and in the fall of 2010 she began her Þ rst charter on a sediment monitoring cruise at the HARS offshore dredged material remediation site off the New York/New Jersey coast. Over the next several months, when Josh wasnÕt captaining the First Light, he was living in Maine at Clark Island Boat Works supervising and planning the layout and the construc- tion of the Jamie Hanna. CR employees traveled to Maine to advise Josh on setting up the boat for scientiÞ c studies includ- ing layout of the cabin, design of the transducer boom, over- seeing the survey for multibeam operations, and electronics installation. The Jamie Hanna is 55 feet in length, with 18 feet of beam, and a draft of 7 feet. The vessel is powered by a 1000 HP Caterpillar C18-ACERT engine, and has a top speed of 21 knots and a cruising speed of 18 knots. It has a hydraulic bow The owner and captain, Josh Goodwin and his wife Shanna proceeded to ceremoniously christen the new million dollar boat, the Jamie Hanna, named after their daughter. October 201248 MTRMTR #8 (34-49).indd 48MTR #8 (34-49).indd 4810/3/2012 10:15:25 AM10/3/2012 10:15:25 AM

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