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Ecosse: Shaking Up Pipelay Sector Ecosse Subsea Systems developed and patented the PREP (Plastic Reeled Elas-tic Pipelay) system, a modular system used for the laying of reeled rigid pipe (on a project by project basis) from smaller vessels and can be installed within 48 hours. PREP uses many of the same components as a conventional pipelay system, but its innovative com- ponent assembly avoids the need to be mounted on a specialist pipelay vessel while offering ß exibility, mobility and reduced cost, both in terms of the pi-pelay system itself and also associated vessel costs. The PREP system takes advantage of the underutilised elastic properties of steel pipe to be able to lay pipe from smaller vessels and the huge ß eeting tower that is the dominant fea- ture in conventional systems is not re- quired. PREPÕs ß exibility addresses one of the major barriers to entry into the conventional pipelay market - capital investment in suitable pipelay vessels, spool bases and global infrastructure.ABS Approved Subsea Mooring Connectors Subsea mooring connector (SMC) equipment supplier, First Subsea, has been awarded the American Bureau of ShippingÕs ABS 2009 Approval for spe- cialist subsea mooring connectors. It is the Þ rst manufacturer of offshore mooring connectors to achieve this type approval for the design and manufacture of large scale forgings over 500mm in diameter. The approval applies to First SubseaÕs range of Ballgrab ball and taper moor- ing connectors manufactured from steel grade 4330V forgings up to 510mm out- side diameter. The subsea mooring connectors can be used with R3, R3S, R4, R4S & R5 grade chain and shackle.www. Þ Products The patented PREP system, a modular system used for the laying of reeled rigid pipe. Marine Technology Reporter MTR #2 (66-80).indd 69MTR #2 (66-80).indd 693/7/2013 9:51:14 AM3/7/2013 9:51:14 AM

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