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Instrumentation: Measurement, Processing & Analysis

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Instrumentation Guide Ageotec AML ASL Environmental Sciences Blue Water Satellite, Inc. CAMECA CODAR Ocean Sensors CodaOctopus Cygnus Instruments Datawell BV Edgetech Eiva A/S EvoLogics GmbH Falmouth Scienti Þ Instrument Conceptsinstrumentconcepts.comJFE Advantech Co., Ltd. Loligo Systems Multi-Electronique Nke Instrumentation Nortek Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc. GmbH Rockland Scienti Þ c, Inc. http://rocklandscienti Þ c.comROMOR RS Aqua Seatronics Inc. SubCtech GmbH Teledyne Benthos Teledyne Odom Hydrographic Teledyne RD Instruments Valeport Walz RBR Concerto takes the polar plunge In polar regions, researchers and their instruments are working at their extremes. The ability to deal with harsh conditions is paramount, and the RBRconcerto C.T.D is designed with this in mind. Unlike other instruments, the RBR conductivity cell is based on high strength ceramics and shock-absorbing plastics, which are immune to abuse - no matter whether the instrument is dropped on a steel deck or if the instru- ment is embedded in ice. The measurement of conductivity in frozen water is of limited utility - but the ability to withstand frozen in periods is just another part of RBR?s design philosophy. RBR?s C.T.D package consists of connectors that are easily handled with gloves, cables that are standard issue, batteries that can be purchased anywhere in the world, and a conductivity sensor that can withstand freezing. You can rely on RBR for Polar deploy- ments. Fluid Imaging FlowCAM FlowCAM detects and measures marine plankton and particles in a continuous ß uid ß ow. Scientists, researchers and technicians obtain size, shape, ß uorescence and concentration statistics in a fraction of the time required by traditional microscopy. Different particle types in a heterogeneous sample can be automatically identi Þ ed, differentiat- ed and quanti Þ ed. FlowCAM acquires high resolution microscopic images at a very rapid rate, typically up to 10,000 images/minute. Intuitive VisualSpreadsheet analysis software allows the user to sort, Þ lter and clas- sify particle images interactively. Visit Planet Ocean at stand G12 at Ocean Business13, or visit www. ß for more information. http://ß uidimaging.comMarch 2013 72 MTRMTR #2 (66-80).indd 72MTR #2 (66-80).indd 723/6/2013 3:44:50 PM3/6/2013 3:44:50 PM

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