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Leading O (Photo Credit: Sea Orbiter) November/December 201310 MTRSeaOrbiter is touted as a ?space station of the sea,? and your guess if you ever see it on one of the world?s oceans is a good as ours. Last month saw the launch of a ?crowd funding campaign? on KissKissBankBank to Þ nance the construction of the ?Eye? of the vessel, to start in spring 2014.As designed, the Eye of the SeaOr- biter will be 18 meters (59 ft) high above the surface of the sea, with the overall vessel measuring 58 meters (190 ft), and it would support the crow?s nest and the suite of commu- nications systems that will allow the team to broadcast their adventures live. Weighing in at approximately 500 tons of recyclable aluminum, the semi-submersible SeaOrbiter is envi- sioned drift silently across the ocean, aided by a small propulsion system, and is designed to have a lifespan of 15 years. The SeaOrbiter is the cul- mination of 30 years of innovative re- search and the work of sea architect Jacques Rougerie.The goal of the crowd funding cam- paign is to raise about $450,000 in 90 days to Þ nance the construction of the Eye of the SeaOrbiter. Levels of contributions are: ? ?10 euros Your name will be post- ed on the SeaOrbiter website.? ?30 euros You will receive a Sea- Orbiter sewing patch + your name post-ed on the website.? ?55 euros Your name will be en- graved in the Eye of the SeaOrbiter, your name on the website and receive a SeaOrbiter sewing patch.? ?15,000 euros Invitation for two to the Opening of the SeaOrbiter. (exclud- ing travel expenses)  e Shape of  ings to Come?  e Shape of  ings to Come? MTR #9 (1-17).indd 10MTR #9 (1-17).indd 1012/12/2013 4:44:31 PM12/12/2013 4:44:31 PM

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