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With oceans considered by many as one of the last frontiers, a new American Bar Association book will help experts and government planners use zoning as a vehicle for ocean development and management. Zoning the Oceans: The Next Big Step in Coastal Zone Management is the Þ rst book to focus on new and emerging state ocean zoning programs in the con-text of recent developments in offshore coastal zone regulation at the state and federal levels. The timely and relevant book delves into a wide range of coastal zone management issues, including how states can use ocean zoning regulations to foster offshore renewable energy development, such as wind and wave energy. The book also explores how to protect sensitive coastal environments from harm. Zoning the Oceans contains four parts: Two provide an overview of coastal zone management and ocean zoning approaches at the state and fed-eral levels, and two focus on the devel- opment, design and implementation of the Rhode IslandÕs Ocean Special Area Management Plan, the nationÕs Þ rst state ocean zoning plan to be feder- ally approved. Other states have looked to this plan as a possible blueprint for ocean zoning initiatives. Author John Boehnert practices real estate, real estate development and envi- ronmental law in Providence, R.I., and is experienced in coastal permitting, wa- terfront-property rights and public trust doctrine issues. The book was published by ABA Publishing in conjunction with the ABA Section of State and Local Government Law. Guide for Marine Spatial Planning Paul Holthus, CEO, World Ocean Council As the need for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and its de-velopment continues to grow, The Nautical Institute has worked with the World Ocean Council to produce a guide aimed at helping maritime pro-fessionals to better understand MSP and take a more active role in repre- senting shipping issues within the pro-cess. Entitled ÒThe Shipping Industry and Marine Spatial Planning Ð a pro-fessional approachÓ and launched a seminar hosted by the InstituteÕs Hong Kong branch, the guide provides an overview of the key shipping-related issues that need to be considered in developments to ensure that ship- ping issues are harmonized with other stakeholders to best serve society as a whole. MSP involves an increasingly diverse array of organizations and in- terest groups, from shipping, Þ sher- ies and dredging to renewable energy, tourism and oil and gas. The Nautical Institute and the World Ocean Council are working to ensure that profession- als from across the maritime spectrum become more informed and involved in MSP, particularly at the local level. The guide can be downloaded from The Nautical InstituteÕs MSP Forum: Printed copies can be ordered through email: pubs.admin@nautinst.orgBook Review Ocean Zoning for Coastal Zone Management November/December 201316 MTRMTR #9 (1-17).indd 16MTR #9 (1-17).indd 1612/13/2013 10:23:49 AM12/13/2013 10:23:49 AM

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