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Sea Systems Command and the OfÞ ce of Naval Research. Our projects are moving from more basic research support from DoD to transition and integration support from DoD and the commercial sectors. In addition to the aforementioned the fol-lowing organizations have been our clients: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, San Diego; Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency; the U.S. Air Force including Brooks AFB / Citybase, U.S. Air Force OfÞ ce of ScientiÞ c Research, Mathematics and Information Sciences and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, Sensors Directorate, Rome, New York; the U.S. Army including the Space and Missile De- fense Technical Center, Huntsville and the DASD Munitions and Chemical Matters, OUSD AT&L. We have partnered with Raytheon, BBN Inc., Cisco Systems and Newport News Ship- building to bring technology solutions to the DoD. Looking at the military / defense applications: what are the overriding drivers for your busi- ness in this market today? The overriding drivers for our technology are the ability to do intensive computation onboard defense systems due to leaps in computing power and the need for technology solutions that will signiÞ cantly increase performance of exist- ing systems while reducing costs.SpeciÞ cally, can you share with MTR readers a speciÞ c, recent project where your specialized applications were applied to signi Þ cantly en- hance production, reduce costs, or both? Prometheus is currently working to integrate its al- gorithm suite MIRK into the AN/BQQ-10 sonar. It is antic- ipated to signiÞ cantly reduce false alarms and work in real time based on results with at sea data, saving the Navy both time and money. This algorithm suite was Þ rst developed for radar, and there have been and will be future cost efÞ ciencies because the algorithm has been and can be adapted to multiple active sonar and radar systems. In analyzing the subsea market, what do you count as the biggest technological leaps that Marine Technology Reporter MTR #9 (18-33).indd 19MTR #9 (18-33).indd 1912/13/2013 10:35:50 AM12/13/2013 10:35:50 AM

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