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Fugro?s New Geotechnical Drilling Vessel for Asia Paci Þ cFugro Voyager, a purpose-built DP2 geotechnical drilling vessel, is entering service with Fugro?s Offshore Geotechnical Division to expand its operations in the frontier areas of the Asia Paci c region. At 83 x 20m, with a twin tower drilling derrick over a centrally located moon pool, the vessel has auto- mated pipe and tool handling equipment. Equipment includes both downhole and seabed sampling and testing systems rated for 3,000m water depth. Fugro Voyager is equipped with DP 2 and is built to Comfort Class COMF-V(3) standards with quarters for up to 60 people A large soil laboratory is centrally located next to the drill  oor giving a unique open-plan work- ing environment for the geotechnicians. December sees Fugro Voyager departing for her maiden contract off the northwest coast of Australia, where she will undertake work to aid foundation design for seabed infrastruc- ture. She will be performing seabed in situ testing, large diam- eter piston cores, drilled borings and downhole in situ tests in water depths up to 1,350m. Fugro Voyager is part of Fugro?s global  eet renewal strategy, where older tonnage is being re- placed with new modern vessels Marine Technology Reporter MTR #9 (18-33).indd 27MTR #9 (18-33).indd 2712/12/2013 11:10:25 AM12/12/2013 11:10:25 AM

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