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CTruk Delivers Wind Farm Service Catamaran CTruk delivered its 12th 20T multi-purpose catamaran, CWind Challenger. As well as being the Þ rst of these popu- lar offshore wind support vessels to be designed, built and classed to Bureau Veritas (BV) rules, the 18.5m multi-role workboat is also the Þ rst Category 1 vessel built by the company under the MCA MGN 280(M) rules. To top off the CTruk teamÕs achievements, CWind Challenger is the Þ rst craft to be classed by Bureau Veritas under its Wind Farms Service Ship class notation. CWind Challenger is part-owned by Scott Wharton of North Devon-based S&P Fish. Scott signed up to offshore wind industry service provider CWindÕs boat share scheme earlier this year, and the composite workboat has since joined the companyÕs growing charter ß eet.Scott has owned numerous Þ shing vessels over his 29 year career Þ shing the Bristol Channel and currently operates a ß eet of six. Commenting on the features that drew him to CTrukÕs twin-hull design Scott said, ÒThese boats are dura- ble and strong with great maneuverability, and the fact that their lighter weight saves on fuel is a huge plus. In com- mercial Þ shing one of the biggest problems we face is the rising cost of fuel, which has a huge impact on proÞ tability. Costs are also a major consideration for the offshore wind industry, so that was a big tick in the box for me.Ó For CTruk, delivery of the Þ rst offshore wind support ves- sel to meet internationally recognized classiÞ cation stan- dards is a key milestone in the companyÕs three-year his- tory. Designed and built to Bureau Veritas HULL MACH Wind Farms Service Ship S1 classiÞ cation rules, CWind Challenger also meets U.K. ß ag (MCA) MGN280 require- ments for Category 1. As well as building vessels to full BV class, CTruk continues to offer standard craft built to DNV or BV letters of MTR #9 (18-33).indd 29MTR #9 (18-33).indd 2912/12/2013 11:11:10 AM12/12/2013 11:11:10 AM

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