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ROV Market ROV operations market during this period, with expenditure forecast to total nearly $1.4B between 2013 and 2017. Pro-duction was previously restricted to shallow water activity, but there are now a number of projects that are either producing or underway in deepwater areas. Thus demand for ROV support has increased in recent years, and since 2009 Asia?s spend on ROV activity has been higher than that in North America, its previous competitor.  North America Issues relating to the Macondo well oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico meant that between 2009 and 2010 the North Ameri- can oil & gas industry faced a signi cant downturn, par- ticularly when coupled with the global economic recession. However, an increase in offshore drilling rig numbers and sub- stantial forecasts in subsea hardware expenditure will drive demand for ROV support to pre-Macondo levels in 2013. The majority of ROV activity will be in the US Gulf of Mexico, where major deepwater oil  nds are expected to drive growth of ROV demand.  Australasia Between 2009 and 2012 the demand for ROV support off- shore Australia remained very steady, but a sharp increase in demand in 2013 meant ROV days almost doubled from their 2012 levels. Large shallow-water gas developments now dom- inate subsea activity here, so Australasia?s demand is set to decline substantially over the forecast period.  Eastern Europe & FSU Eastern Europe & FSU is forecast to be one of the smallest regions in terms of ROV activity. However, it will experience some growth in demand between 2013 and 2017 as required ROV support days grow at a low CAGR of 6%. Demand with- in the Eastern Europe & FSU region will be driven almost entirely by trunkline installation and E&A well drilling. Middle East The Middle East is the smallest ROV operations market, ac- counting for less than 2% of the global total ROV days in 2013. As a predominantly shallow-water region, the growth in activity levels forecast in the other regions is not expected to be mirrored in the Middle East. Expenditure on ROV sup- port in the Middle East is forecast to fall substantially, almost The AuthorKathryn Symes joined DW in 2013, graduating from Queen Mary Col- lege University of London with an MSci (Hons) Economics degree and then working for an invest- ment Þ rm in China. Since joining DW she has carried out research in the oil, gas and renewables sectors including numerous FPSO orientated research engagements, oilÞ eld services and offshore and onshore logistics projects. Kath- ryn is also lead author of DW?s World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2013-2017. The Report World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2013-2017: compre- hensive examination, analysis and ten-year view of ROV op- erations, with historic data covering the period 2008-2012 and forecasts for 2013-2017. The report contains detailed forecasts of ROV activities, including work requirements on subsea trees, umbilicals & ß owlines, subsea processing, FPSO mooring & risers, trunkline installation, etc. For more information see: November/December 201332 MTRMTR #9 (18-33).indd 32MTR #9 (18-33).indd 3212/12/2013 11:14:45 AM12/12/2013 11:14:45 AM

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