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??Brazil?s Petrobras has been one of the leading players in deepwater, subsea development projects since the turn of the century. These projects include pre- salt and post-salt plays, which require extensive and complex subsea engineering and construction efforts. It would be impossible for Petrobras to develop all of its projects alone, therefore much is done by specialized companies, mostly of foreign origin. ?We could not have advanced in this project (pre-salt) conventionally, developing the production individu- ally. We needed a global vision of the projects, starting from a high level plan,? said José Formigli, Petrobras? Executive Director of E&P, speaking of the primary plan for the devel- opment of the pre-salt at the Santos Basin, the Plansal, which was created in 2008. According to Formigli, ?The Plansal led to a ?virtuous cycle,? which has guaranteed better results each year.? In the last 10 years Petrobras investment in R&D grew 22.7% per year, reaching $1.1 billion in 2012. Petrobras rare- ly operates alone when it comes to subsea engineering and construction. Partnerships are part of Petrobras? DNA and by Subsea Engineering Petrobras & Developments in Subsea Engineering By Claudio Paschoa(Photo: FMC Technologies) Marlim is the  fth  eld in the world that will utilize FMC?s subsea separation technologies.Tore Halvorsen SVP, FMC?s Global Subsea Production Systems. November/December 201334 MTRMTR #9 (34-49).indd 34MTR #9 (34-49).indd 3412/12/2013 11:46:12 AM12/12/2013 11:46:12 AM

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