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LVDT Linear Position Sensors Survive Op- eration Underwater To survive subsea environments, LVDT Linear Position Sensors must be housed in special alloys that support long-term opera- tion in different elements. As a housing and core made from stainless steel will not sur- vive well in many underwater applications, the LVDT casing must be composed of an alloy that provides chemical resistance to seawater and other corrosive acids to pro- vide long-term reliable operations for many years. Reliability is of critically important due to the cost of replacing subsea hard-ware. Typically, either Inconel or Monel is used, depending upon ocean temperature and depth levels. In shallow warm waters, Monel is ideal as its metal composition re-sists sea life forming on it. In subsea appli-cations with depths of 7,500 feet and exter- nal pressures surpassing 3,500 psi, Inconel offers excellent protection against corrosion due to higher content of nickel, chromium and molybdeumn. These superalloys en- hance the already high-reliability of the LVDT assembly, ensuring that it can meet extended service life requirements, even if the device is fully exposed to seawater. AQUAlogger 210 Aquatec Group have recently supplied a signiÞ cant num- ber of their deep water AQUAlogger 210 data loggers for measurement of turbidity, temperature and depth. The log- gers are being used by the RPS MetOcean team based in Perth, W. Australia, in support of the Tanzania Gas Project Metocean Survey for Statoil (Tanzania). The survey is to assist Statoil in developing a Þ eld in 2,600m of water, and consists of approximately 20 moorings at the site and along proposed pipeline routes. Triton Subs Triton Submarines (Triton) continued to promote its new four, six and eight passenger deep-diving submersibles at the 2013 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS). TritonÕs booth at FLIBS featured a Triton 1000/2 (the same 1000/2 that made the Þ rst-ever manned submersible dives in Antarctica last year) as well as a scale model of a Triton 3300/3. Triton will also be promoting its new iPad applica- tion. Marine Technology Reporter 57MTR #9 (50-64).indd 57MTR #9 (50-64).indd 5712/13/2013 12:28:46 PM12/13/2013 12:28:46 PM

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