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Fresh Water Monitoring & Sensors

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OSIL Fracking Monitor SolutionsOSIL will offer a full fracking moni- toring system to enable clients to monitor local water quality before, during and after operations. Hydrau-lic Fracturing (fracking), where gas is extracted from shale rock, is becom- ing an increasingly popular means of extracting gas. The implementation of a reliable monitoring system is es-sential to this process. The quantities of chemicals and minerals used in the process, along with the huge volumes of water required, pose a potential threat to the surface and ground wa- ter network. OSIL provide the means to monitor ground water quality and potentially help prevent the contami- nation of surrounding water supplies. The OSIL system offers multi param- eter monitoring equipment that is used to collect vital background data prior to the commencement of operations, in order to better understand the exist- ing ground water structure. Stand-Alone Mo- saicking Module Oceanic Imaging Consultants, Inc. (OIC), of Honolulu, Hawaii, intro- duced the Þ rst Stand-Alone Mosaick- ing Module (SAMM) for forward-look sonar (FLS). SAMM is a plug-and-play add-on to forward look sonar systems that automatically creates mosaics in real time from FLS data. SAMMÕs Data Acquisition Features Include: Stand-alone module, seam-lessly compatible with an existing FLS system; Simultaneous mosaick-ing and logging of broadcast data; Interactive control of track layering, processing and sensor offsets; Back- ground display of air photos, satellite imagery, raster and vector charts; and Pan, zoom, target marking and vessel Immersion Suit Drying System Pronomar received an order from OutSmart in Velp/NL, for a Prono- mar - Top Trock drying systems for delivery to their Operation Control Center in Emden/Germany. The dry- ing systems, made from long-lasting stainless steel, for seven survival suits work using a powerful, yet energy- efÞ cient blower which blows a lot of warm air directly into the suits, drying them efÞ ciently and fast from the in- side. Proper drying prolongs the life-time of the costly work outÞ ts, which means less purchasing costs. OSIL Giant Snow Catchers for NERC Research The National Oceanography Center (Southampton) has recently pur- chased two Giant Snow Catchers from Havant-based oceanographic systems company OSIL (Ocean ScientiÞ c International Ltd.), for use in the NERC funded Shelf Sea Biogeochemistry research program next year. Marine Snow Catchers are crucial to Carbon Flux studies, Marine Snow Analysis and the examination of the food chain. They provide means of collecting the delicate biological material (Marine Snow) from the water column by allowing a large volume of seawater to be captured and subsequently concentrated through controlled sepa-ration with minimal turbulence to produce an undamaged concentrated sample of biological matter. (Courtesy of NOC) Marine Technology Reporter 59MTR #9 (50-64).indd 59MTR #9 (50-64).indd 5912/13/2013 12:29:27 PM12/13/2013 12:29:27 PM

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