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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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 Acoustic surveys in support of bathymetric, geomorpho- logical and biological research using a combination of hull-mounted, drop keel mounted, and towed transducers  Acoustic surveys of marine species  Acquiring geological samples of the ocean bottom in depths of up to 5000 m Acquisition of benthic samples of the ocean bottom at depths up to 6500 m Acquisition of up to 20-30 m core samples of the ocean bottom at depths up to 7000 m Bottom trawling to depths of up to 4000m  Calibration of ship mounted transducers  Conduct horizontal or oblique plankton tows over the stern or over the side of the Vessel  Conduct oceanographic sampling with rosettes of up to 36 bottles and CTD instrument packages to >6500 m depth while continuously sounding Freeze and cold store samples for further analysis at shore based facilities  Launch / tow / retrieve a broad variety of active and pas- sive sensors and sensor platforms including magnetom- eters, hydrocarbon sniffers, sonar tow  sh, AUVs and UUVs Launch/tow/retrieve a variety of egg, larval, juvenile and adult  sh sampling systems  Marine mammal and seabird enumeration, identi cation, tracking, and bio assessment Mid-water and surface trawling To accomplish the scienti c missions above, Investigator is  tted with a gondola and two retractable drop keels to house the extensive scienti c sonar and transducer suites, supplied by Kongsberg. The vessel is  tted with a stern ramp to support  sheries research activities. Investigator is classed by Lloyds Register of Shipping with the following notation: +100A1, +LMC, UMS Ice 1C IWS, EP, Research Vessel, DP (AM) and DNV SILENT-R. The vessel is twin screw, powered by an integrated diesel - electric propulsion and ship service plant provided by L3 Ma- rine Systems. Three Mak 9M25C diesel generators provide a total electrical output of 9 MW at 690V. To meet the noise re- quirements of DNV Silent R notation, all three diesel genera-tors are double resiliently mounted on araft system engineered by RALion and supplied by Mak. The L3/Indar 690V AC 2600 kW propulsion motors feature a resiliently mounted rotor and other design features to meet the noise requirements. These propulsion motors are believed to represent the  rst use of AC motors of this size range in a research vessel to meet DNV Silent-R requirements. Wartsila provided the 3.5m diameter 5-bladed propellers, which are specially designed to be cavita- tion free at 11 knots, and the complete shaft-line from motors to propeller. The ship is also equipped with an azimuthing, retractable bow thruster, Thrustmaster model TH1500MLR, rated at 1200 kW and with Becker Flap type high lift rudders, all creating a vessel with much enhanced maneuverability at low speeds.  First Platform Deck: scientist?s accommodation forward; stores and transceiver room midships, and control room, switchboard room, winch room and container hold aft  Main Deck: contains all the science labs, CTD lab of ces and workshops and is the primary working deck  Forecastle Deck: crew accommodation, galley, mess, lounge spaces and galley stores, with the upper level CTD lab and CTD winch spaces aft and enclosed anchor and mooring space forward  02 Deck Level: senior crew, of ces, hospital, chemistry lab, and boat deck 03 and 04 Decks: Senior Of cers and Sr. Scientist accom- modations and of cesThe complete suite of  sheries, scienti c, and ship?s deck equipment was supplied by Rapp-Hydema, including an ar- ray of coring, trawling, towing, general purpose, CTD deploy- ment, drum, and anchor/capstan electric winches. Triplex AS, a Rapp-Hydema subsidiary, supplied the coring boom, pipe handler, over stern A-frame, and CTD Overhead crane. The aft deck is serviced by a Bergen DKF300 Main Crane, with a capacity of 25 metric toes at 12m, or 5 metric tons at 20m. In addition there are also a Bergen DKF40 utility crane and a Bergen DKF70 stores crane  tted.Roll stabilization on the ship is provided by a U-Tube tank system designed by HOPPE.In the Yard The complete suite of Þ sheries, scienti Þ c, and ship?s deck equipment was supplied by Rapp- Hydema, including an array of coring, trawling, towing, general purpose, CTD deployment, drum, and anchor/capstan electric winches. January/February 2014 16 MTRMTR #1 (1-17).indd 16MTR #1 (1-17).indd 161/24/2014 12:40:03 PM1/24/2014 12:40:03 PM

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