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Allspeeds Webtool HP690 Allspeeds Ltd., designers and manufacturers of the Webtool range of products, nominated the Webtool HP690 intensiÞ er panel for the Subsea UK Innovation for Safety Award. Safety concerns were being expressed from those working offshore in deep water with regards to the use of high pressure hydraulics and traditional ROV hydraulic intensiÞ er panels. Allspeeds identiÞ ed that the main safety issue was that standard pressure intensiÞ ers contain a check valve. This check valve requires a deliberate reversal of pressure in order to relieve the high pres- sure circuit after the intensiÞ er has completed its task. Failure to reverse this pressure manually or in the event of an HPU or ROV breakdown causing the inability to reverse the pres- sure, will result in a high pressure circuit at approximately 700Bar (10,000psi) this will remain energised whilst the ROV resurfaces. Allspeeds designed HP690 which safeguards the user with automatic protection from the possibility of locked in high pressure hydraulic ß uid. There is no longer any need for the user to manually reverse the pressure to make the hydraulic system safe, this will happen automatically. In addition to this, the input pressure will be automatically compensated for depth via the ROVÕs own HPU, so as the ROV surfaces, the high pressure side of the circuit also compensates. These features also allow any pressure build up due to temperature variation to be vented back to the ROVÕs pressure tank. Pile Installation Tool The Acclaimed Software Company Ltd. announced a new software system designed for Harkand Andrews Survey to support pile installation operations. The Total Controller and Total Viewer systems have been put into operation on a con- struction support vessel conducting precise pile installations. Harkand Andrews Survey have developed a technique for installing monopiles and transition pieces in offshore wind farms which allow observations to be collected remotely. This removes the necessity for a surveyor to physically ac- cess the pile for measurements during piling operations and therefore reduces risk to survey personnel. By utilizing re- mote observations it is possible to achieve higher accuracies than accessing the pile directly, due to the increased obser- vation baseline. The system reduces the amount of time re- quired to make the observations and automatically commu- nicates results to the deck crew and hammer operator. To achieve this, The Acclaimed Software Company devel- oped Total Controller: Designed to be easily operable by the survey team using keyboard/mouse or touch screen, the software provides consistent and reliable results, quality control analysis, reporting and data logging facilities. Buoy Mounted LIDAR FugroÕs Seawatch LiDAR buoy provides a cost-effective way to collect metocean data for offshore wind farm developments Successful trial results of the next genera- tion of multi-purpose buoys tailored for the renewable energy industry have led to recent orders from operators in the wind energy sector. Dutch energy company Eneco has purchased FugroÕs new wind LiDAR buoy while a Japanese company is to deploy its buoy close to a ß oating power generation system. Fugro recently developed an accurate and cost-effective al- ternative to the traditional method of wind proÞ le measure- ments for offshore wind farms. In January 2014 FugroÕs SEAWATCH wind LiDAR buoy was deployed 75 km off the coast of Ijmuiden in The Netherlands where wind data will be compared with data from three levels on a met mast at the site, together with data from a LiDAR mounted on the mast. This testing will enhance a Þ eld trial which took place off the coast of Norway in spring, 2012. Marine Technology Reporter 57MTR #1 (50-64).indd 57MTR #1 (50-64).indd 571/24/2014 10:04:33 AM1/24/2014 10:04:33 AM

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