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Subsea Vehicles: UUVs

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For complete details and to register visit Data processing and S-100 boot campsCARIS HPD, HIPS and SIPS, and Bathy DataBASE user group meetings Keynote speakers and user presentations Academic poster session Industry exhibition Networking events Join CARIS in Brest, France for the 15th international user group conference ASMAR Uses FORAN for New Research Vessel FORAN has been the CAD/CAM System used by the Chilean ship-yard ASMAR in the development of an Oceanographic and Fisheries Re-search Vessel, a state of the art design built for worldwide oceanographic and Þ shing service and geological re- search. The vessel, Cabo de Hornos, has been already delivered. With a length overall of 74.1 m, breadth molded of 15.6 m and depth to main deck of 8.5 m, the vessel can reach a speed of 14.3 knots, with accom-modation for 68 persons. The vessel has been classiÞ ed by Germanischer Lloyd, CLASS +100 A5 E +MC AUT E Oceanographic Research Vessel. The vessel will perform multidisciplinary functions, such as the study of climatic phenomena and ocean-atmosphere in-teraction and geological oceanography for the characterization of the sea bot-tom and subsoil, up to 8,000 m. Vessel Optimization Data A vessel optimization application of- fering combined tidal and non-tidal (ocean) current data has been launched for integrated vessel speed and route optimization. Developed by Tidetech, the application offers resolution of six nautical miles at 60-minute intervals in a six-day forecast. SigniÞ cant pas- sage time savings have been demon- strated in simulations.Tidal currents are fast moving, dy- namic and dominant inside the con-tinental shelf Ð in water depths of 200m or less Ð and are inherently pre-dictable years ahead. Non-tidal cur- rents are slow moving and dominant in the deep ocean, driven by entirely different processes that cannot be ac- curately forecast beyond Þ ve to six days. Tidetech also offers additional high-resolution tidal current models for highly trafÞ cked, tide dominant regions with resolutions ranging from 200m to two nautical miles, and mul- tiple global ocean (Photo: Courtesy Tidetech) MTR #1 (50-64).indd 59MTR #1 (50-64).indd 591/24/2014 10:08:21 AM1/24/2014 10:08:21 AM

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