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Interview Earlier this year Duane Fotheringham took over as the president of Hy- droid, replacing industry icon Chris von Alt. MTR caught up with Fother- ingham recently for his insights on the direction of the company on his watch. By Greg Trauthwein Please provide a brief personal and professional background. My background is in engi- neering, graduating with a degree from Washington State University in elec- trical engineering. After graduation, I went in to the Navy as a submarine war- fare ofÞ cer and I spent about nine years in the Navy driving submarines. When I left the Navy, I went back for my MBA (to the City University of Seattle), and after that I started with Kongsberg as a project manager. That was about 16 years ago. (Note: Hydroid is a Kongsberg com- pany). In early 2008 when Kongsberg was looking to combine with Hydroid, I was somewhat involved in that process and was given the opportunity to come out to Hydroid and join the team. So I moved here in 2008 and took on the VP of Operations role at Hydroid. As of January 1, 2014, I took over from Chris (von Alt) as the president of Hydroid. Looking back, how did you come to be interested in the subsea technology business? IÕve always had a love for the ocean. I wanted to do something in that Þ eld, and thatÕs what led me to join the Navy. It sounded exciting and interest- ing, and it turned out to be true. My en-tire career has been spent doing some-thing in the subsea area, whether itÕs on submarines for the Navy or my involve- ment with subsea sonar, water surveil- Duane Fotheringham Duane Fotheringham Five Minutes with Hydroid President March 2014 26 MTRMTR #2 (18-33).indd 26MTR #2 (18-33).indd 262/21/2014 10:32:07 AM2/21/2014 10:32:07 AM

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