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lance and diver detection at Kongsberg, to my Þ ve years to date with Hydroid. Coming into this position, what are your immediate & short term goals? The biggest thing that IÕd like to do is continue the growth and suc- cess that we have had up to this point. Hydroid had been successful with pas-sionate, innovative people delivering an excellent product to our customers. Over the last three years weÕve had 30% or better overall growth in the company, and thatÕs revenue and in people. At the end of 2012 we were 84 people; we add-ed 36 over the course of 2013 so weÕre up to 120. And weÕre planning to bring on 30 more over the course of this year. What are your biggest chal- lenges? As we (Hydroid) grow up, we want to maintain that small company feel, that agility, innovation and passion and the connection to the product, the commitment to please the customer and build the best possible product that we can. But still, to grow and put all of the things in place that are necessary as a company gets larger, the infrastructure to support an increasing number of em-ployees and a growing customer base. You have security requirements for deal- ing with the product we create. So itÕs putting all of those things in place that adds value to the company and doesnÕt detract from or change the things that got us to where we are at.What is the greatest strength of the brand? Part of it is the people that work here. You canÕt create that kind of passion unless people really feel it, be-lieve it and really love what they are do- ing. The product is known for reliability, and hopefully we are known for being people that you can count on. As we all know working in the subsea industry, when you are putting things in the water things donÕt always go as planned. But when they donÕt go as planned, you want to have a company, people that you can count on to handle the situation and make it work and be successful. Kongsberg is also a strength of our brand. We have a complimentary vehicle line with the vehicles at Kongs- berg (Hugin), the vehicles of Hydroid, the REMUS line, and our sister com-pany out in Seattle is now building the Sea Glider. We also have sensors and integration that can bring together what we call the ÒFull PictureÓ solution. Across the com- pany we can offer all of those pieces, and bring all of that to bear to solve a problem. Marine Technology Reporter MTR #2 (18-33).indd 29MTR #2 (18-33).indd 292/21/2014 10:34:01 AM2/21/2014 10:34:01 AM

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