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C-Nav DGNSS, color and light cam- eras, an infra-red pan tilt camera, an x-band marine radar and AIS. Another Tiger ROV to IndonesiaSeascape Surveys of Singapore acquired its third Saab Seaeye Tiger ROV for operations in Indonesia. ?The Tiger offers a good combination of size and power for jacket inspec- tions,? said Seascape?s managing di- rector, Peter Reichlmeier. He said that Tigers are used for digital inspection work of subsea jackets, platforms and other structures: ?We have been using Tigers for this work for the last four years and  nd them reliable and ver- satile.? He said they will install the system on a newbuild DP2 vessel, Resolu- tion, on long-term charter from Mic-lyn Express Offshore. Image: Saab Seaeye Seaeye Tiger ROV Marine Technology Reporter MTR #2 (18-33).indd 33MTR #2 (18-33).indd 332/21/2014 10:35:57 AM2/21/2014 10:35:57 AM

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